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 Prayer Requests

Our Lady of Mount Carmel is pleased to offer the opportunity to request prayers for urgent or ongoing needs. We will attempt to post prayer requests as quickly as possible, but it may take a day or two.
Once posted, prayer requests will remain for as long as space permits.

We must reserve the right to edit Prayer Requests for appropriateness, content and length. We cannot post requests other than in English.  Please use first names only, and do not use all Caps. If your request is not posted, it will have fallen under this policy, and no special notice will be provided.

Therefore I say unto you, what things soever ye desire,
when ye pray, believe that ye receive them, and ye shall have them.
Mark, 11:24

Heal me, O Lord, and I shall be healed; save me,
and I shall be saved; for thou art my praise.

~ Prayer Requests ~

(Let us remember in our prayers all the men and women who serve in our military, and all their families as well)

Romy - Hear and heed all my prayers, petitions and intentions please.

Olga - I am without a job for past one and half year, please pray that I may find suitable employment and be able to support my family.

Phil - Please Pray with all your faith that GOD will Bless me (Phil C.) with my Soul Mate as soon as it is possible with GOD. I've never had a girlfriend and been Praying and Hoping for one for at least 18 years, I'm 41 years old now.... Thank You for Your Prayers.

Jean - My car is down & i'm always begging for transport 2 take me for work. I sponsor 15 stdnts & currently i've run short of money. Too many debts on me which r becoming hard for me 2 clear yet formerly i enjoyed sponsoring these students. Help Me Oh Lord!

Vijay - Help my brother to be physicaly and mentally strong, have mercy on him Almighty God and normalise his and Bhabhi life. Give him strength and have mercy on him, give him a chance and correct everything in his life as before.... We will be so indebted to you... Amen... !!! 

Therese - Please pray that my spouse Joseph and I get our visas for Canada without any further delay. We have been waiting so long that we are quite desperate. We need God's intervention right now. Thank you. 

Romy - Heal my Father from all form of illness, make him recovered.

Richel - Heal me Lord of my sickness.

Rocky - For successful operation of thyroid removal.

Abigail - 1. Deliverance from evil spirits.  2. Healing, both inner healing and physical healing. 3. Intimate relationship with Jesus and Mary.

Katie - I have a prayer request for someone most certainly in spiritual warfare that happen quick and is evil. My committed boyfriend Erik K. awoke one day from a loving man ready for life, adventure, love and a future, to being dark, cold, emotionally unstable. Within days he had shut down completely into a downward spiral of hate, anger, emotionlessness, no faith in God, us, or life. He has since isolated himself, removed all contact with me and many others; removing those who care for him the most. I have known him 13 years, and he is in a dark place, his entire behavior, demeanor and personality has changed. He is a different being. Please pray for God to reach out and touch Erik and bring him from the dark into God's guiding light. Pray for all evil, doubt, depression and negativity to be cast from him. For him to see God's pure love in him, and trust in God again. Pray for Erik to return to his true self again and see the blessed love within Katie that God has delivered him. Pray for his healing and strength for us to reunite. Guide Erik back to me and us back to One as God intended, filled with love, faith and light.

Savio - Kindly pray tat my wife Golda who has gone home with my kids as I want to stay in my ancestal house n not in the flat he had bought for investment. he wants to sell his flat. he has started smoking a lot and no job also. Kindly pray that he gets a job an a urge to work, stop smoking, his family shd b back and he shd sell his flat. He's depressed and very tensed. Thanks for praying.

Romy - God, help us in our monthly bills and expenses. Bless my eldest daughter to finish her master studies and keep my son always safe everyday from harm. Amen.

Romy - God, I have a long list of intentions and I hope as you promises to us who are praying and seeking you will grant and heed my prayers, Please bless me a HUGE peso amount to pay all our debts so we don't have to worry it anymore. Bless me with a Prosperous birthday this coming August. Grant my wife and daughter with a permanent Job, Restore our health always. Make our daily life bearable, get rid all the worries, stress and debts. Take care my family from harm and danger. Amen

Lalitha, Lavanya, Rishiraj  - God should protect & deliver us (whole family ) from enemy.

Ursula - Dearest Mother Mary, you already know my problem. I ask you to intercede with your son Jesus and ask him to heal my terrible anxiety, stomach, inflamed Esophagus and painful back problems and help me with my new job to do well by healing and strengthening by back so that I can work, as my job you know Jesus needs bending and lifting of heavy stuff. It is tough but with your help Lord I will be healed. Help my unbelief. I make this prayer in Jesus' name Amen.

Erin - Please save me from the devil and his evil. I give thanks for my blessings that God has given me. I pray that my gifts and blessings will be protected from the devil and his evil works. I pray for world peace, that every person will live in harmony and to love themselves inside and out. I pray for forgiveness for the people that hurt me and for forgiveness for hurting other people. Forgiveness for allowing them to hurt me. I pray for my good name back. That everything in life will fall back into place, along with the other people that have crossed my path. I urgently need prayers that my finances somehow the Creator will help me with my finances. I am less then maybe ten thousand in debt. I also ask for guidance and strength for the people that are praying for me on a spiritual level. I pray to understand what the Creator to tell me. I pray to understand his loving guidance. Help me to stay away from drugs and alcohol along with other people all over the world that are struggling with addictions of any kind. Thank you so much for your prayers and time.

Kusiyo - I urgently need US $50,000.00 to meet my obligations, commitments and purchase plot 2751, Mongu, Zambia.
May the Father command it, may the Son arrange it, and may the Holy Spirit appease the hearts of those who are against us. Come, Holy Spirit, enlighten the hearts of those who can help us. In Jesus' Name I pray with the intercession of the Holy Spirit and Our Lady of Mount Carmel.

Chesca - That I may pass the Philippine Licensure Examination this August 2013.

Maria F. - I am again humbly asking you today to please pray and help me pass the Philippine Physicians Licensure Examination this August 2013. I also pray that the U.P. College of Medicine class 2013 will have a 100 percent passing rate.

Bill and Carol - Updated Prayer Request! Slow Recovery from the Death of Our Only Son & Other Ongoing Sorrows….July 28,2013. Dear Community of Prayer, Thank you for praying with us in our long dark night of the soul! Despite ongoing pain and sorrows we continue to stay at our Post in Faith and Hope with the help of your Daily Prayers and God’s Mercy! Please continue to pray (2013,2014..?) with us daily for Recovery! Recovery for God’s Healing,Protecting Peace and Hope in our Broken Hearts, Health Issues, Relief from Severe Financial Misery which is making our recovery next to impossible! Please pray! Please pray for God’s Peace! Feel free to pass Urgent Prayer Request on to other Communities (Women&Men)of Prayer that you know of in the World? Thank you for your patience, In His Peace, Bill and Carol. USA... PS. We will keep you in our daily prayers as we cry out to God Day & Night in Prayer for His Mercy & Peace!

Roque R. - Please pray for healing of my health and to have good health. Please pray for the infilling of the Holy spirit in me.

Jeff - Please pray that I may do my job well and that God will soften the heart of my boss toward me. Thank you, Jeff.

Jacqueline - Heal me please of this bronchiectasis and acid reflux disease, also epilepsy and Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, also that my MRI scan today has clear results, that I find a loving spouse and my anxiety is banished. Thank you.

Romy - Grant me a favor to let my wife to travel to USA. Amen.

Romy - O God, Hear and grant all my intentions. Provide all our daily needs. Grant me a huge financial breakthrough, help us in our daily burden ad struggles. Amen

Ambily - O God plse give my Jugin love back, plse give Jugin to good mind to me. O God plse tell my Jugin to call me and love me

Ambily -O God will u plse help me. Plse make arrangments for my financial problem. Plse give some finance to help my father immediately God. Plse Jesus plse help me. Plse make neccasary arrangements for my financial problem today.

Stephanie - Lord I pray this birthday prayer. I pray that you remove the barriers of all forms between Will and I. I pray that you open our hearts, minds, thoughts, and prayers to bring love, care and respect in our every interaction with each other. I pray that our commitment is renewed and our bond becomes stronger than ever. Lord I am in love with him and he is in love with me. We are at that critical moment where we need to grab hold of each other with both hands, and know that we are going to be together no matter what. Let our family be strong. In Jesus name, I pray. Amen.

Romy - O Lord, thru your name remove and delete all my debts forever, bless me a secure and stable future, grant my wife and 2nd daughter a stable & wonderful jobs, restore and heal us, keep all my family from harm. Amen.

Nick - Plz my marriage is damaged and I don't want to lose my little family, I'm in need of help plz.

Elsie - Please help us pray for these intentions; - That all my medical test result will all be fine for my 9th yr as a cancer survivor. - That our eldest 20 yr old functional autistic son can live independently soon. - That my husband can overcome his depression and pressure regarding his job. - That he will not give up, instead be given strength and wisdom so he can perform better. - That my 2 other sons be guided in their studies and finish their courses so they can share their blessings to others. - That we as a family can serve our God according to His will.

Poonam - I love Harjit S. as my husband, but one month before our relation has been broken with a quarrel which was unreasonable. I want to continue our relation and get early marry with him and have a happy married life, but before marriage get govt job and both of us be settle..I wish he loves me as wife as he was and feel sorry for his misbehaviour.. Please pray for me and my lover Harjit S.

M.V. - Please pray that I will pass my exams, and that the serious practical and financial trouble my husband and I have will be solved quickly. Thank you.

M.V. - My family and I are exposed to unlawful medical and other experimentation, for diseases we don't suffer from and haven't been diagnosed with. Since I've spoken out against their crimes to us and others, they're committing worse to me in order to discredit me. Such as repeated drug rape, claiming I should be prostituted and promiscuous. They keep mutilating my private parts, claiming it will stop the sex. They're continually killing my unborn children, both from the rapes, and now that I'm married, trying to start a family. They accuse us falsely of crime, and prevent us from getting our legal rights, so we can't get this stopped, though we have the law on our side. They have by now cost me all - money, huge debt, homes, jobs, gotten me thrown out of law school on unlawful ground, health, appearance, reputation, and possibility for a life. I've built all up again in a new place, and they're about to cost me all again. Please pray for protection, justice, and restoration. Thank you.

Dev A. -  I am from malaysia. I have a girlfriend named Vijaya E. we were in love for almost 2 years when her auntie Vally, out of jealousy cast a black magic spell on her and suddenly broke up our relationship. Now even though she is back, she cant remember anything about our love and she is always saying she cant open up her heart to me like before. Please help to break the black magic spell completely.

Melissa -Rid evil happenings at work and home. Blessings! Melissa.

Esther - I pray that God provides me with a job because I have a daughter to look after and my family. God also restore my lost relationship. Amen

Chariza, Mharisol, Maricel and Rheajane - Pls pray for us to dissmis our case.

Mufide - In the name of Jesus, please pray for Mufide and her family and for all her special intentions and her Holy vocation and for the soul of her mother Nedime and all her children and dear ones, for God's will in their lifes and for their protection by and consecration to the Blood of Jesus. God Bless. Mufide.

Ali - Healing of diabetic and heart, and deliverance from ungodly marriages and the children do not belong to him and their burdens.

Tahsin - Healing of Tahsin's hip bone, cholesterol, heart, blockage in the heart, high blood pressure and stress and from ungodly marriage and the children do not belong to him and their burden.

Mufide- Fevziye healing of tumor in the womb and urine.

Charles - Please pray that God will restore my broken marriage. It is heading for a divorce.

Ogochukwu - Praying for the blessings of the fruits of the womb in my marriage.

Ann - Please pray, in the name of Jesus, that the pain in my niece's stomach disappears. She is in the hospital for the third time in three days. The doctors can find no cause.

Antonella and Gilberta - Pray for us we have serious health problems, severe illnesses threaten our integrity, Satan attacks us through people at work and in social life, we want to isolate and marginalize, but what we are destroying the melattie that does not make us independent and ugly with pain in the head and column etc.., pray, pray for us. Heal me, O Lord, and I shall be healed; save me, and I shall be saved; for thou art my praise.

Praying Mom - Dear Father God please embrace your people with the love of great favor, deep and enduring salvation all the days of their lives. Please God replenish the earth with prayer, praise and worship again. Let every thing that have breath praise the Lord. Save us Lord from the suffocation of lack of God's prayers in the universe. Please Father send a great deluge of prayers back into the atmosphere. Let everything that's good increase and abound toward me. Restore, fulfill all with spiritual and physical nourishment and provision. Please pray for the minds to know, love and respect lives in this country. Prayer for all my loves ones and friends to increase in all their endeavors, prayer for health and wellness and restore all spiritual and physical needs.

Joel - Please pray for my 18yr old son in prison.

Lina - I pray that my financial problems go away for good and infinite of abundance is granted for me and my daughter whom I care for all alone. I pray that her father and I are able to work out our difference and love one another again for the sake of our daughter. I pray and ask that the lord blesses me and my family and keep us safe, I pray that my work space becomes more positive and I am able to work in peace. I pray that the Lord protects me from any evil cast or said upon me, and that I can move forward in peace and forgive those who has done me wrong just like they are to forgive me in peace. Amen in the Lord Jesus' name.

Merlin - Father, I thank you for the promise that when I call unto you, you will answer me and show me great and mighty things which I know not. Lord, even as I am facing this court case, I declare that no weapon formed against me shall prosper and that every tongue that rises up against me in judgment, you shall condemn. I thank you Father that you establish me to the end, keep me steadfast, give me strength, and guarantee my vindication. I bless your Holy name Father because you are my warrant against all accusation or indictment so that I will be guiltless and irreproachable in the name of Jesus. Lord God, contend with those who contend against me and fight those who fight against me in the name of Jesus.  I have no fear because you have not given me a spirit of fear and timidity but of power, love and a sound mind. I have the assurance that you help me, therefore I shall not be ashamed nor confounded. I thank you Lord I have favor with all those who see me. Favor compasses me like a shield therefore I declare that people will come into contact with my favor shield before they come into contact with me in the name of Jesus. I thank you Lord that you are perfecting the things which concern me and you will not forsake the work of your hands. I decree and declare that I have victory in this case and my son will be with me and i win the case! For this is the confidence that I have, that whatever I ask in your name and according to your will it will be done for me. Your Word is your will Lord and now I put you in remembrance of your Word and I thank you that you are watching over it to perform it in the name of Jesus. Amen.

Bernard - To pray to remove evil from the work place.

Martin - For my partner and child to come back as a family together as one again, please help. Amen.

Carmela - Please pray for me and my one and only true love Clyde. Please pray that we would get back together and give love a chance. I really love him with all my heart. I pray that God will change his mind and just go back to me, I know deep in his heart he still loves me. I'm now in the process of improving myself for him so that when we gets back I can prove to him that I really changed for the better of our relationship and more mature. I really love him so much! Please pray for us. Amen.

Cheryl - My husband has left for another woman and now they are living together in the area as me. Please help get my husband back because I love him very much, please pray for me.

Roseleen -  Please ask of the Blessed Virgin to intervene in my work situation, bring peace and calm back, save my good name and let there be no investions, but the opportunity to go back and work my notice.

George - Please pray for George and Cece to reunite as spouses and best friends. Please pray for them to be seeing each other again, and get married and start a family. Please pray that every day, they make each other proud of their successes, forgive one another their shortcomings, grow in each others arms and footsteps, work towards building their future and family, and find joy in each others thoughts, words, and deeds. Thank you one and all. Amen.

Maria R. -  I prayer for financial success in our business endeavor.Thank you and God bless.

Jssj - Plz pray for me urgently that me and my husband may shift to company quarter in next month. My husband loves me but takes every decision thru Mil, she pass comments when I'm alone and becoms sweet when he is @ home, and he blames me then for everythng and says u r wrong, plz pray. We dont have privacy and we live so far from his ofifce, it takes 1 hr to go and come, and I'm so alone

Agata - Please pray for Eham, I am 9 months pregnant. He did not want the baby, asked me to do the abortion. I refused, he lives in China, after a long while he changed his mind about the baby and he is coming on the 30th of July to take the responsibility. Please help me pray for him so he can come with open and loving heart for both of us. Thank you. God Bless you!

Donna & Richard - To restore my marriage with my husband .. And to heal his spirit, heart, and mind.

Joe V. - Pray for me.

Joseph - Pray for immediate income source, and cast out the income blockage and curses.

Jane - Son's recovery and car to get fixed. Hear our prayer.

Julia - Lord help me with my health, depression, palpatations, help me with my children. And in need of strength, I ask in your name Lord. I feel so helpless. And all these demons that around my home and make my family angry and fight. Please help I'm so tired inside and out.

Bev - Please give me strength, guidance and inner-peace. I recently lost my Mom and ended a relationship. Please bring my ex-boyfriend back so we can see if counselling will help us. If he is not the one for me, please guide me to the person you know is perfect for me. I am so lost and confused.

Cynthia - Please pray for my husband, James M.’s operation to be successful in Ann Arbor, Michigan on 8/13/13. Please pray for him to live through it and to come out of it healed, healthy and strong. Please pray that he can function until the operation too. Thank you very much and may God bless and keep you. Sincerely, Cynthia M.

Lupe - Thank you our lady of Mount Carmel.

Tshireletso - Please pray for me I have tried my best at school I never failed in my life, but since I was in Grade 10 last year there were some problem that I couldn't solve an it caused me to fail. I'm reaping Grade 10 again an I'm so concern to be promoted to Grade 11 even if is in the middle of the year. Pray for me because everything is possible to God.

Coralee - Please pray for daughter Samantha to stop drinking, she is only 20 yrs old. She has a boyfriend who likes to drink and the friends they hang out with like to drink. Please pray for her to grow up and mature, and make better choices with her life and to choose not to drink or do drugs or smoke. I worry so much about her I feel like I'm going to have a heart attack. Please pray for me for her.

Denzel - Please pray for me, I want to bè normal boy, I want to talk and to bè normal.

Destiny - I have been battling to win my disability case for over 3 years and tomorrow morning I will be appearing before a federal court judge as my final chance. I suffer from several mental illnesses and this has been beyond stressful for me. I really need this judge to see that I am truly disabled and cannot work or my family will continue with financial issues and my children especially will suffer due to my stress and inability to be able to keep it under control. Please pray for me and my family and for the judges heart to be open and see that I truly am disabled. Also that my attorney changes this particular judges mind about my case. Thank you.

Arlene - I ask for prayers, for God/Jesus to heal me. I have recently turned to alcohol & drugs to block out all emotional pain. Also, I need prayers for the Lord to remove satans curses upon me, take off these chains of misfortune, unhappiness, no job, no money, debt so high I cannot pay it (IRS)(CHILDSUPPORT)...bad relationships with verbally abusive men, emotionally abusive and mentally abusive as well. I pray for renewed strength from the Lord, love, guidance, a higher faith, stability, to be able to stand on my own. I want a fresh start in life, I want a new wonderful blessed man in my life and I hope to get married to a wonderful God loving man. I want to be a good daughter, mother and grandmother. I am 47 and feel a little lost....and if possible, I need health prayers the most. I suffer from stomach issues that keep me from living a wonderful life. Thank you for reading this, your prayers, your love. I look forward to God answering my prayers. I know my faith will help rescue my soul, but also thank you for you and your prayers, for without you or God, this wouldn't be possible. Love you and may God bless you always.

God knows - Financial restoration, health safee place, asap.

Gigi - Lord, pls keep my husband safe and healthy while on board. Pls keep him away from troubles, sickness and temptation. Pls bless and help us financially to be able to pay all our obligations. Pls help my husband to know you more, to believe in you, so he will be a good father, a good husband and be a good person. Pls. touch my husbands’ heart, so he will let us stay with my mom for as long as she lives so I can take care of her. Pls keep our family safe and healthy always. I believe Lord that you will give me my special intention. Thank you Lord, for an answered prayer.

Nguveren T. -  Prayer for fertility, prayer for my terna to get a job,  prayer for financial breakthrough, prayer for God's wisdom & to serve him in faith, prayer for our country Nigeria.

Walter - Pray that my cancer will be cured. My hip pain will be cured. My numbness on my hands and legs will be cured.

Daughter - Dearest Mother I come before you asking for your powerful intercession to be healed of all aliments of body, mind, and spirit.Shield and protect me from all harm. I make this prayer in Jesus most precious and Holy name. Amen.

Denise - Dear Sacred Heart of Jesus, I know you will grant me my novena request to be with my soul mate. I will forever be grateful for your intercession and help. Please bless and protect us forever. Amen

Juan - Healing from diabetes.

Sonya - We are in desperate need of players to join our soccer camp that starts July 15. This will financially affect us.

Denise - Dear out Lady of Mt. Carmel, On my ninth day of this special novena I gratefully await your intercession. Thank you for your help and blessings. Amen.

Frank - Please pray for my family to 1. Please pray for getting back my job and financial problem. 2. Please pray for my wife's good health. 3. Please pray for my son's education. Please help him with this request. Please Pray for us.

Denise - Dear Our Lady of Mt. Carmel, I know you will answer my novena prayer. I will always be grateful to you for your help and intercession. Amen

Chris - Please pray for my wife Kathy and our children. She is moving out this week. Please pray for restoration and reconciliation in our marriage. Please pray that she puts Jesus at the center of her life. Thank you.

Jo Ann - My youngest brother, Ronnie T. is in ICU for a heart condition and he is in critical condition. His kidneys stopped functioning and he is on dialysis. Ronnie underwent surgery after being air lifted from another hospital and he has not regained consciousness since his surgery. Please pray for my brother Ronnie to regain consciousness and for a full recovery through divine healing. My brother has been a loving, caring and generous spirit to so many in this life and he is loved by everyone who knows him. He has given so much in his life so selflessly and I pray that he is surrounded by angels and is healed by God’s loving hands. Thank you so much for praying for our beloved brother and may God bless you for the work that you do.

Walter - Pray that I will be free from cancer. My legs and hands numbness will be cured. My hip pain will be cured.

Denise  Dear God, Please bless me with my true love Shaun. I need your help to bring us together. Amen.

Gie - Lord, pls give me a pure heart and a broad mind to understand my mom from what she's doing to us, her children. Pls stop her from degrading us to other people. I know she's my mom, I know I should love her more now that she's aging but I  can't, because she keeps on talking bad about us. Pls remove all the ill feelings I have towards her so I can take care of her and love her, like the way it should be. Sorry that I answer her back sometimes because I can no longer hide my resentment towards her. Pls help me to be good to her if you know that it's me, who's doing wrong. Pls help me Lord.

Angelo - Please Lady of Mount Carmel I see my little girls today she get more bigger than ever I pray every night and day to get my fami to get my family back into my life I'm put my sister Millie and her family in lot of pain the pain is from must see my daughter I know in your heart Lady of Mount Carmel you hear me right now do so many things in life I need for me to get my family back to restore my family life back together for me and her mother me being the best dad in th me being the best dad in the world not only that I prayed every St Joseph and you lord and Savior Jesus Christ your Son and I even prayed to God please restore my family back together I need to my life I know you're working on overtime listen to everybody's pleas the father that n the father that needs help Angelo.

Joanne - St. Joseph please help me.

Angelo - Please help me and my family, specially my nephew Eric and my sister Millie R., and my niece Brittany, but most of all my family, friends, and me too. Please Lady of Mount Carmel I need my family back into my world again. I wish you would know with her sisters about how she broke my family apart, and how it's hurting me more more everyday, high high cholesterol and bad, and irritable bowel syndrome. I'm so stressed out cause I need my family back into my world, my little girl and her mother Barbara. Please Lady of Mount Carmel, with your Son and God the Father help me out, and make me more smarter than ever two very special my daughter Rose Marie and her mother Barbara, and get all are boys that is fighting for our country back home.

Natalie P. - Father I pray for restoration in my relationship. I pray so much that he may not be tempted to have an affair, as there is girl called Shaeima who is really tempting to win his heart, she does everything in her power to win him over. We will be together for 19 years on the 13th July 2013 and have 3 beautiful kids. My Lord I truelly pray that he may ask me for my hand in marriage and that we may be together forever in a faithful relationship. I thank you in advance my Lord for prayers answered in Jesus' name. AMEN.

Jace - For my husband, Robert that he will be able to return home safely.

Angelo - Please answer my prayers, help me maintain my weight and help me financially wise to I'm please make more smarter than that I miss my little girl and her mother, I pray night and day to get them back in my life I'm getting sick over it or Lady of Mount Carmel please from financial I'm gettin more sick everyday without my little girl. It's getting me sick with out her and her mother that I love getting back in my life. I love you Our Lady of Mount Carmel

Sukumar - Blackmagic & enimies.

Barbara - Please plead with God to heal me from Bipolar 2....I have suffered over 40 years and am so worried about my future.....Please also pray for my friend Alisa who also suffers from depression. Thank You....URGENT PLEASE...REALLY SUFFERING.

Erin - All kind of problems.

Gearal - Mental problems.

Tara - Over weight.

Brody - Asma.

Cinda - Heart and kidney problems.

Ralph - Please help me to take care of my family and also need financial help.

Franchesca - Mental problems, possible demonic possession.

Dorian  - Please heal his mind, soul, spirit and body, battling anorexia.

Jeanerita  - Please Jesus heal her of poor health and blindness in one eye.

Rhonda - Abba, you are able to forgive us all of our sins and in this short instance I ask that you lead , guide and protect my son; Marques Sr. while he is absent. This is a trying time in his life and I ask that you help him to reexamine his life and that he makes the positive necessary changes that will benefit him and his children. I know that he can do all things through Christ that lies within him.

Timea - Please pray for me to get a better job...Thank you God bless!

Francis - Dear prayer warriors, I request your Humble prayer to our Lord Jesus Christ for me to get a good job and for the future marriage of Francis S. & Karbom T., I believe and we have the purely true love for one another, So I request once again to Pray for us, so that the good Lord may bless us, Protect us and preserve our love forever in Jesus Christ's Name, Amen. Thank you Million times in advance & may God Bless all of You.

Diana -  Only in Jesus and Mary. Please pray for Ashita A. for her good health, for she is suffering from a serious worm problem in the stomach. And for Pushpa C., Placida C., Conception, and Phinphilla C., and Thomas F. for the spiritual, mental and physical health, and the healing of the family tree from 7 generations from mothers and fathers side.

Tewodros - To help me to pass this semester with a good grade.
Catalin -Hi, my name's Catalin, I am 24 years old and I suffer, according to my symptoms, from heart failure. I feel weak and distressed. Please pray for my healing. Thanks a lot, Catalin S.

Larry - Deliverance from misunderstandings, protection from frenemies (ret. cops), not expected money fall...moral support by RIGHT people who don t waiwer in the Lord.

Trish - I am currently unemployed. Please pray for me to get a job and also for my marriage of 24 years to be restored to where it should be and for this divorce proceedings to stop for next month. The initial proceedings are set for August 1 and I am starting to get so depressed because I am starting to feel like I have failed as a wife. I have been trying to get legal counsel without any help because I live in one state and he filed in another. Then I was told by one that they could not help me because I live in a house. I have come so far and now it seems like I am losing everything, my marriage, my job and now my house. Please pray for me and this situation. I am about to lose my mind.

Raphael - Please pray for me that God would interven and grant me favour in my application for a leave to remain in the united kingdom. I made an apllication for an indefinite leave to remain in the united kingdom on the 7th july 2012 and i have not heard from them at all. Please pray for that God would interven and grant me favour and that my indefinite leave to remain would be granted to me and i would hear from them soon. That God would tourch the heart of the person who is in charge of my application. Thank you very much.

Karen - Please pray that I do well on my exam tomorrow. I have been preparing for the past year and am extremely nervous. Thank you for your prayers, and may God bless you!

Jo Ann - My youngest brother, Ronnie T. is in ICU for a heart condition and he is in critical condition. His kidneys stopped functioning and he is on dialysis. Ronnie underwent surgery after being air lifted from another hospital and he has not regained consciousness since his surgery. Please pray for my brother Ronnie for a full recovery through divine healing. My brother has been a loving, caring and generous spirit to so many in this life and he is loved by everyone who knows him. He has given so much in his life so selflessly and I pray that he is surrounded by angels and is healed by God’s loving hands.
Thank you so much for praying for our beloved brother and may God bless you for the work that you do.

Gie - Lord, pls help my family financially. Pls give my brother's the strength and knowledge to run the small business that they have for them to be able to provide well for their family. Pls help also my husband so he will continuously have a contract as a seafarer. Thank you Lord for our daily blessings.

Lucia - Please pray that my lawyer take my case seriously, I paid him since April and he still has not filed paper work thru court. Thank you for your prayers and Thank God for listening. Amen.

Gigi -  Lord, pls keep my husband safe and healthy while on board . Pls keep him away from troubles, sickness and temptation. Pls bless and help us financially to be able to pay all our obligations. Pls help my husband to know you more, to believe in you, so he will be a good father, a good husband and be a good person. Pls. touch my husbands’ heart, so he will let us stay with my mom for as long as she lives so I can take care of her. Pls keep our family safe and healthy always. I believe Lord that you will give me my special intention. Thank you Lord, for an answered prayer .

William - Lord I pray that today that justice is served through a dismal - please grant innocence today in court that everything be dismissed from this frivolous and wrong prosecution of one your children. Lord please fill the court room with angels and saint and holy spirits - let your loving presence override the injustice that our enemies strive to lodge against us. Please Lord let us be done with this today. In Jesus' name I pray ...Amen.

Anupam - I pray for the love of my wife Shipra and reconciliation of my marriage.

Clarence - Our Blessed Mother please help us we lay all our needs at your feet. Bless us & guide us. Help us spiritually & financially. Amen.

Stella - Please pray for me to perfect my spiritual gifts.

Josephine - Please pray for my friend who lost all his belongings in Bangalore n stuck up in a legal case for 3rys and he is unable to come out. I was the person who was supporting him financially, but due to financial crisis I am unable to help him, though the case has end, but we are unable to pay the penalty of 3lakshs. And the lady who has given surety to him is now bribing others to make sure that he doesn’t come to Hyderabad. Presently he is in Hyderabad but that lady is torturing my friend, and the person who is helping us by given surety from Hyderabad she is bribing cops. Please pray for him to come out of all this problems.

Cely - Dear All, Please help us pray for my husband Dan to find a good decent job. He's been out of job for more than a year now. May God finally hear our prayers in Jesus name! Thanks & God bless.

Marie - Please help me to pray to Jesus, Mary & Joseph to Heal, Save & Bless my Family, especially my husband Jessie to heal spiritually to come back to Jesus, and strengthen our family with love and faith.

Theresa - To pass with flying colors the Diplomate board exam of the PDS, this JUNE 30 and JULY 4, 2013.

Johnita - Dear Our Lady of Mount Carmel: Greetings! My name is Johnita of Miami, Florida. Our Lady of Carmel, interede with Christ Jesus to heal me of viral/lung symptoms that are threatening to take my life. Every nice person has turned evil towards me for no reason. Today, a physician's assistant said she saw something dark and abnomral on my chest xray. I am 50 years old and am almost 5 months pregnant. I slept outside in Central Florida, in February near 2 strange men, and recently signs of pregnancy have showed. The emergency room said I am pregnant. I have not had any sex at all for nearly a year. I am choking, throat hurting, thick green mucous, that will not go away. A non sexual boyfriend of mine, Michael, has turned against me for no reason. Our Lady of Carmel, remove this evil black magic off of me before it is much too late. I feel every day sick when waking, and very sharp, deep nail like pains in the side of my neck and collarbone. Our Lady of Carmel, these black magicians are breaking down my immunes system so that I die quickly.Please pray for a miraclous healing of all diseases, tumors and strange plagues. I am homeless without a penny. I ask for peace, and financial prosperity. Thank you and God Bless you so much. Amen.

Bill and Carol - Updated Prayer Request! June 23,  Sun.2013. Slow Recovery from the Death of Our Only Son & Other (Financial Misery, Health Issues etc.) on Ongoing Sorrows… Dear Sisters & Community of Prayer, Thank you for standing with us in daily prayer for God’s Mercy & Peace! Recovery is very slow! Despite it all we keep moving forward! Please continue to keep moving forward with us in daily (2013,14..?) prayer for God’s Healing, Protecting Peace & Hope in our Broken Hearts & Lives! His Protecting Peace! Feel free to pass Urgent Prayer Request on to others & Communities of Prayer that you know of in the World? In His Peace & Mercy, BIll & Carol, USA. PS. We will continue to keep you in our daily prayers as we cry out to God Day & Night for His Mercy & Peace!

Jesentha - Please pray that I would get good job and ask God to meet my financial needs. Jessie.

Tiffany - For emotional healing, alcoholism, pride. Amen.

Joana- Pray for me to prosper in my endeavors.

Jennifer - Lord, please help my 12 year old find a group of friends who are just as nice as she is. I am hurting inside when she tells me she has no close friends and I know she is so sad inside. We pray about it and for her sake, I hope she soon finds some trustworthy girls to do things with. Right now I'm her best friend. Amen

Helen - I have court coming on Monday 6-24-13  I don't have money for attorney please pray for me that case be dismissed, overturn set for later day, Lord I also pray for peace, strength, fiancé miracle, all this I ask in Jesus' name. Amen

Holly - Please pray that the dark spirits and or demons that were sent to me from a witch are taken away from me forever and that I heal from all the damage it has caused my health and from all the damage it has caused my finaces and the damage it has caused in my family. I thank you Lord for saving me and I thank you Lord for all your love and help.

Ivan G.V. - God, I no longer wish to be a homosexual, grant me liberation from this slavery. I ask in the Holy name of Jesus and Mary. Please. Amen.

Ivan - God, please bless me with a decent job soon so I don't have to go back to jail. Also, please keep the demons away from me with the help of St. Michael. Grant me good Catholic christian friends and emotional healing. I ask in Jesus Christ. Amen.

Denny J. - 1. Please pray for Dency J., 26 Years. She looking marriage proposals from one year, no one can come for her suitable. 2. Please pray for Denny J.. He looking new job. 3. Please pray for Jesus Youth Abu D., Service team members; Fr.George, Joby.V.K., Denny J., Anoop J., Baiju.P.V., Jibin, Jebin, Rijo, Sajan, Shaji, Thomas, Renjith, Geejo, Sojan. 4.Pray for Marriage - Thomas, Anish, Santhosh, Josekuttan, Ponnachan, Treesa, Neethu, Baiju, Denny.

Lucille - Pray for deliverance for myself and my daughter Leticia, we are unemployed - layed off about 1 year. Lots of bills, I'm stressed in my body, sick, frustrated, lots of pain. My daughter has lost hope and does not go to church as she should, all lost, help us.

Jenna - Pls pray for a girl who has her exams next week. God you know she tries hard. Pray so that she does well.

Omega - Please pray for me for good health, positive thinking through all circumstances. Release from superstitious beliefs. To accept my Jesus as my Savior.

Vijay - Help my brother and family come out clean and stronger... Give my brother a chance and have mercy on him and family...Please send him home soon and nothnig could be proved against him, and give him a chance. Almighty God.. we will be so indebted to you... Amen.

Jan - Financial breakthrough.

Sonia - Please pray for me, for good health, strength, victory/ success in all matters, restoration and recovery, financial blessings, and prosperity. Thanks.

Maryann - Please may my sister Carmel have a healthy baby, and please keep Carmel healthy.

Adelina - Help me in my financial problem, my marriage to choose a right partner, and for job.

Jordan - For the Gift, for me for Mary, of Contemplation.

Juliet - I'm pregnant pls pray for my safe delivery.

Wilma - Pls, pray for my good health that I may be strong and never be weak in any situation. Pray for passing my ipcc  exams, pray for my parents, relatives. Pray that I should complete that chartered accountant course.

Jill - Please almighty God, wrap your loving and healing light around this child of yours and help her over come her many disabilities.

Eva - Lord You are Good and Your Mercy endureth forever. Thank You Lord Jesus for Salvation for my son Eddie and his family. Thanks and God Bless you all.

Bill and Carol - Updated Prayer Request! Slow Recovery from the Death of Our Only Son & Other Ongoing Sorrows… June 14, 2013. Dear Community of Prayer, Thank you for standing with us in daily (2013,14..?) prayer for God’s Mercy & Peace in our great pain and ongoing sorrows! Please continue to pray with us daily for God’s Peace and Eternal Rest! His Protection! Pass urgent prayer request on to other Communities (Women&Men) of Prayer that you know of in the Worldwide Community of Prayer? Meanwhile, We stay at our Post in Hope! Until our days are over on this earth! Bill & Carol. USA. PS. We will continue to keep you in our daily prayers as we cry out to God Day & Night for His Mercy & Peace!

Yohanes - Pray for me that I could fervently follow the Lord, find my soul mate and my future work. Please also pray that my nephew Frengky H. and Maria S. U. return to the Catholic Church. Thank you.

Julian - Please pray for healing mentally, emotionally and physically and infilling of the Holy Spirit and His gifts on:
(1) Janice my friend’s (Baines) daughter, who is turning more rash as days, months and years go by and even disobedient and rebellious and violent having thrown her final School exams away angrily as her attempts to stop her mother Shirley from proceeding abroad for employment, who having taken her along few months ago, she returned back home angrily incurring heavy expenses and turning violent. (2) Theodylene my downstairs neighbor, a widow running high fever and admitted to hospital after return from her home town Goa, and psychologically emotionally, mentally and physically down since several days.

Darren - Move evilness.

Dave - Please pray for me.

Monique - Healing for physical, emotional, spiritual & mental healing. Employment for next 3 weeks & in August, part of September & rest of the year.

Anonymous - Pray for our school Troy State University in Albany Georgia to not have our school campus closed to become an online school .We dont want this to happen, we need our staff as well as students to remain on campus. We pray our campus will remain open with a variety of classes available on campus for students as well as staff come August 2013.

Jennifer - 1. For the return of my children Kimberley and Beverley to the One Holy Catholic & Apostolic Church. They have left the catholic church and are following a Cult (WMSCOG which is Korean). 2. For a fresh infilling of the Holy Spirit for my children and for wisdom to discren right from wrong. They have been mesmerised and need deliverance from this cult.
3. For the healing of all our relationships, especially Kimberley & Jude's marital relationship which is very very strained, as Jude is very firm about his being in the catholic church. 4. For all our court cases - that justice & truth will prevail. 5. For my husband Mario to overcome his weakness for his drinking and his stubbornness. 6. For peace in my home.

Anil -  Praise the Lord in the Name of Lord Jesus Christ. Dear Pastor/Sister. Iam AnilSagarReddy from India, Andhra Pradesh, Vijayawada.....working as a supervisor at FLP (Multi Level Marketing). It is also one of the Businees. Iam facing lot of problems in this track. I am trying to get the promotion as a Manager but I am not reching my goal. So, many obstacles infront of me to overvome the promotion and also that my team members also not co-operating with me. Trails and temptations infront of me about business. The major problem is financial track. I am suffering with Devil, Demonn and darkpiritng. That I am not depting Victory in my Business. So Plese prey for me to get the success as a Manager in my Business. So, kindly please pray for me about businees growth and development. Thank You! Thank You!! Thank You!!!

Pratheep -  Lot to study, with this tired and broken spirit I can not continue my research. Please pray for me to forgive me and to get some peace in life, and to put all my effort in my research for treating cancer without thinking of the painful days of the past. Please pray for me to get enough strength to forgive all those who betrayed me and abused me. Please pray for peace in family, finances, work and studies.

Jane - Dear Lord please be with my students as they write their exams . May the Holy Spirit guide and give them knowledge, understanding and wisdom to get all correct. Please Lord I know you are behind the scene taking control of everything. I love you my God. Thank you so much for your love.

Jane - Pray for my daughter suffering from depression.

Ann -  Please pray for me for a financial blessing I am under a lot of financial pressure, and for a healing for God to heal all my sickness, and for courage and strength to face my struggles. Thanks.

Patricia - I pray that my daughter, Angelique, will be successful in her nursing entrance exam tomorrow and will score high enough to be admitted into the nursing program in the fall. God bless and thank you for prayers!

Angelique - I pray that I am successful on my exam tomorrow and will be admitted into the nursing program in the fall. Thank you!

Kim - God please help me. With you all things are possible. I ask that you bless and heal me and my daughter, thank you.

James - Please pray for my family's spiritual and temporal needs, thank you.

Pirfa - Please help me pray to God to release His judgmental anointing against the enemies of my destiny.. actually my biological father is into witch crafting. I believe in the word of God that says that suffer not the witch to live. I also believe the scripture that says that any tree that does not bear good fruit shall be cut down to pieces.. please pray that the enemies of my destiny be removed in Jesus name.. thanks.

HL - Dearest Mother/Lady, please watch over my daughter who is going for overseas vacation trip from 12-18 June. Protect and keep her safe and away from all dangers and harm. Come to her aid whenever in need and she will have an enjoyable trip and bring her home safely. Thank You, You’re Loving Son.
Carol D. - Please pray for and heal Michael D. who is recovering from a tumor removal of the bladder, and is in pain. Please restore him to good health with your devine intervention.

Arputham - Pray to God to pass in bank exam and get job.

Claire - Prayers and support for the students of Tsewong Rinpoche and Lama Jinpa, now the light of their unethical behavior has become apparent in the UK.

Amy - This dear lady has a fractured hip, please pray with me for her healing. Praise God for a miracle son! Thank you! :)

Ashley - Please pray that God delivers me from a man who means me harm and that all of his inappropriate wrong doing is revealed and everyone knows that he has wronged me, and that I am given all of my privileges back and am recompensated for all of my loss, and that God removes him from his position of power and that he has to answer to everyone and publicly apologize for all he has done to me.

Sue - Please pray for Charlie that he may be healed of his intestinal issues. Thanks.

Ralph - Please pray for me, pray that I can take care of my family, thank you.

Fran - Heal her mental illness, and possibly demonic possession. And to pray.

Rita - Please pray that she regain good health and to remove all unclean spirits from her.

Dorian - To be healed of anorexia, all mental illness and uncleaned spirits and to trive.

Bill and Carol - Updated Prayer Request, May 27, 2013 -Slow Recovery from the Death of Our Only Son & Other Ongoing Sorrows: Dear Community of Prayer, thank you for praying with us daily in our long dark night of the soul! Despite the pain and sorrows we continue to hold in faith (with heart) onto God in the holy silence! Please if possible? Can you continue to include my wife and I in the daily prayers of the Sisters now in the days ahead..Sept..2013, 14.? Please pray with us daily for God's healing, protecting peace & hope in our broken hearts, health issues, other sorrows made worse by severe financial misery! Please pray for relief and God's protecting peace! Feel free to pass urgent prayer request on to other communities of prayer that you know of in the World? Meanwhile, we continue to stay at our post in hope & prayer with the help of your daily prayers and God's mercy.

Jennifer - I pray for the love of my husband and reconciliation of my marriage.

Dowayne P. - Dowayne in jail, that the Lord will deliver him out of his problem and send good sumeritan to bail him, clear that hex every year problem. And to get resident card and get a good job, and get visa to travel to America that he can help his kids more, and protect him from all hex. For Jevoy to get a good paying job, Daphne to get a good paying job, and Kevon to get to travel to America, Lord help him to get visa.

Maria I. - Please pray for all our Lady's intentions; My Mother of Mount Carmel, I venerate you from the bottom of my hear,t please give me peace in my family. Please Jesus heal Jorge and help him to find a job, and not be obstinate and stubborn, he hasn't worked since 3 years ago. He is depressed, his marriage isn't good, he fights with his wife because he can't afford the house. Please I beseech you, I hope you can releieve, we are so sad with worry about this economic situation. Pray for Marinesita, suffering from deep depression, anxiety, and emotional-mental afflictions. please Jesus I beg you to heal her. Please pray for Ricardo lung cancer; Philip brain cancer; Elba uterus cancer; and for the holy souls in purgatory, it is very urgent. All I ask you please my Mother in heaven, give a sign that Jesus will hear my Petition!! Pray and ask Jesus to hear my prayer I beseech you. My Grandchildren spend many many times on their computers, please Jesus make them not to stay time in excess there. Love & Peace, your Daughter Maria I..

Anna -  Please may you pray for my little Becky, she was born with liver disease and is not well right now. Amen.

Mg - Pls pray for my daughter that God will lead her to the right path and that she will end her relationship with a lesbian. May she find true love and happiness in the Lord. Tnx.

Lavina DS. - Please pray for me to get a good job, presently I am working, but due to salary problems and financia problems at home I am searching for a different job. I have recently written bank exams, please pray that i pass and get selected in the bank. Due to these conditions , many problems are arising in my marriage, we keep fighting always, its been just one year we have been married but there is no love within us for each other, we are always complaining about each other. Please pray that all our differences be solved and we lead a happy life.

HL - Please watch over my daughter when she is on overseas vacation trip next Wednesday till Friday. Protect and keep her safe and away from all dangers and harm. Come to her aid whenever in need and that she have an enjoyable trip and bring her back home safely. Thank You, You’re Loving Son.

Kevin - Please pray that God would send a wonderful woman into my life to marry and that I will at least try and be worthy of her. Please pray for my career and life success. Thanks.

Leo - I pray for world peace to be fully realized now, and for this peace to last forever after, I ask this in the Holy Name of Jesus. Amen.

Nancy - Please pray with me for: my Father to be saved, for my three sister who has been sick since last year and there is no change, my spiritual growth and strenght, our church which has been divided and there is no peace, and finally please pray that the alter of God may be rebuild in our family, things are not going well. Thank You and be blessed.

Amy - For my Dad Michael. He is a diabetic and gets low everyday. He is moving into his own apartment. It's just me to take care of him cause my brother died 2 years ago. Please pray he does not continue to get low and not put so much stress and worry on me. I'm 14 weeks pregnant with my second child and have a 5 year old and a hubby to take care of. Please Dear Lord keep him safe and not allow him to get low anymore! Amen.

Angela - Please pray for a miracle for the restoration of my marriage, the cancellation of the pending divorce decree. I also request you to pray for the conversion of my husband Marc-Andre, children Essie, Frederick and the repentance of the adulterous woman, Renee, who stole my husband away from me.The woman seems to have broken up with my husband. He came to see me and I told him I had forgiven him and even offered to take him back but he has given me no hope about coming back to me what so ever or about cancelling the divorce. On the contrary, he said he made a mistake coming to see me as he does not want to give me false hopes or hurt me more than he has already hurt me. His parents are pressuring him so he does not come back to me as they paid for his divorce. I know God does miracles and that he does not do them half way. Please pray for me, my husband Marc-Andre to repent and come back to me, for the repentance of this woman Renee, repentance of my in-laws and their conversions. I know God has the last word regarding my marriage. Thank you for your prayers, God bless you. Angela.

Dee -  My family needs your prayers. Please pray for my son (a kidney donor) to remain in good health in mind and body as he deals with his wrongly suspicious significant other and their child. Pray that she always treats the child well (in and out of his presence) and not use her as a pawn to control him. They need to get along better to raise this child properly. Pray that he gets a better job. Please pray for my nephew who has become an underage beer drinker and smoker. Pray that these demons are removed from his life so that his future in not compromised.

Joe - Lost at sea with dog on Kayak in Pensicola Florida four days ago. The coast guard called off their search today. Please pray for him, his family especially during this time. Padre Pio intercede for Joe & his family & dog. Amen

Marlon - My name is Marlon J., I live in Jakarta Indonesia. After deciding to quit my job as a civil servant, I try to apply for some companies/institutions, and it's been 6 months, but it seems like there’s no answer, I had been unemployed since that time, I need a job, because the cost of living in Jakarta-Indonesia is very high, I have to self-finance all the needs of our lives. I almost have nothing right now, my friend who works at the United Nations promising to help me to get a job as a volunteer for the United Nations, but apparently it also has been no response, I often do not focus and depressed because of problems about getting job, and I plan to go to East Timor at the end of this month to seeking a job there.

Anonymous -
For God's will be done at the sale of our business, our home, and bless us with a new life in our retirement. St. Pio, St. Bridget, intercede for us!

Jean -Receive the ever healing touch of our Lord through as she suffers with a broken hip.

Catherine - Please pray for me to avoid a divorce, to be reconciled with my husband Jonathan, for my husband to leave his girlfriend and come home, for my husband to be healed of his alcoholism and depression, and for our family to be happy and whole again. Please God bring us all together happy and whole.

Anonymous - I pray for the reconvalescence of my very poor daughter. Thank you in advance for helping me.

Deborah - Continue the work of St Francis as a Third Order Franciscan.

Sara - Healed from debilitating nerve pain.

Pat - Please pray for my daughter Keisha and her husband Teron. They got married today in a civil ceremony. They have both turned Atheist and want nothing to do or hear about God. Please pray for them, they both grew up in the catholic church.

Matha - Please pray for my daughter Vero to stop getting sneezing, getting congestion, she is permanently blowing her nose. That God will have mercy on her. She is a teenager. I am a widow and earning a small salary. I have a dependant brother who is schozophrenic and I have to buy his medicine. The doctor advised me to put up a small business for him so that he does not stay idle so that the mind can be active. I wanted to start a poultry business which is not very expensive.
My sister Anne's daughter has taken up to doing immorality and does not sleep at home every weekend. The mother had a major accident and she is so devastated with the daughter's behaviour. The girl has not been going to college despite fees being paid up. She is very withdrawn and very rude. My brother's homestead has been broken into for the last six months consecutively. He is very worried. That the thieves will be caught in Jesus name. My brother's wife shouts, looks down on him since she gets a lot of money and he is not working. He does all the cooking and cleaning up of the house and he has become a husband wife. They are not in speaking terms and she keeps company with very learned and rich people and she does not want to get involved with anybody else of my brother's family. She comes late and shouts at him when she is asked why she comes home late. My sister was threatened with death by her husband and she ran away. Financially, I am not doing well and pray for divine intervention. Thank you for standing with me in prayer.

Anonymous -
For the sole of my brother and the health of my poor daughter. Thank you.

Jef - My wife is choosing to divorce and break up family after 20 years without any chance for reconciliation. She also wants to take my farmland and home. All this after being laid off my job of 35 years. I need to win small lottery to pay her off or get a good attorney as she has a really good one. Please help me to keep my family home there for my three girls to come back to or stay to feel secure. Very urgent as time is not on my side. Thank you for hearing me and for helping me through this most incredibly stressful time of my life.

Shari - Help me to find direction, peace, and mental stability. I am lost and feel like I need God's hand to guide me into a vocation, and give me direct answers as to what His will is. I want to live according to His will and not my own, therefore ask that I get expedited answers as I submit myself to the Lord and am waiting to serve.

Alex Z. - For protection.

Sharon - I pray for my boyfriend to grow in your faith and to be faithful to me. I pray to be a good girlfriend and to grow more in faith as well. Heal, help, and bless us.

Natacha -Peace at work and healing from disease.

Marcie - Please pray that my pregnancy is alright and that I am not in jeopardy of a miscarriage. I am very scared. Thank you.

Vera - For my daughter who is undergoing a C Section and having a baby today.

Azariah - Heavenly Father, please Father as my father goes to court case tomorrow grant his pardon and deliver him from this case. Lord wash away all his sins and be by his side. Help him to be victorious and that he will come home tomorrow and forever. Amen.

H. L. -  Please watch over my son and daughter-in-law when they are on overseas vacation trip next weekend for two weeks. Protect and keep them safe and away from all dangers and harm. Come to their aid whenever they are in need and that they will have an enjoyable trip and bring them back home safely. Thank You, You’re Loving Son.

Raynelle - Please pray that my long distance relationship with Abel will never fall apart and we will get married in the near future. Help us never to give up on each other.

Jenn - Please pray that I am able to find a job in the education field that offers health benefits for my family. Thank you.

Sara -Pls pray for me to get a better position in my job and to get the land near to our house as early as possible at a lower rate.

Sangeetha - Prayer Request Urgent: I am 27 years old, and my hubby Senthil Nathan is 28 years old. Dear Lord Jesus,  help me, help my husband, help my marriage to remain safe with your blessing LORD JESUS. I thank you for geting me engaged to my future husband Senthil Nathan. Lord I am waiting to seek your blessing. I got Engagement 28 Jan 2012. Since then I am waiting for your call, to call me to YOUR HOME. I want you to bless me, my parents, my husband and my inlaws. For LORD you know the difficulities that I am going through in my current life & that I also lost my virginity with my future husband. And now from 8 months we have been separated. My husband has been misguided by wrong people who are giving him wrong advise which is affecting my marriage very much. I want you to save my marriage from breaking. Lord I request you to do a miracle to clear all the misunderstanding between the 2 families. All the bitterness should be wiped off. Please help me and my husband to lead a happy married life together. We want to have a kid. But his parents and sister's are not allowing for our marriage as well. they are finding for him another girl. Now he already has another girl in his life, please Lord I want back my husband, please ask that girl to find the new one and leave my husband. Lord please help to solve this tension. Please don’t break my marriage. I love my husband and want to be with him. But he is not understand me. He should take his responsibilities, duties, love, respect, honor, feeling share with me but he is not. Teach him the vows that he SAID at the time of marriage. Help him, guide him. Bless us and call us to YOUR HOME to thank you. Please settle all my tensions. Please give my parents happiness. They are too worried about me, I don’t want them to fall sick. Help me to thank you to restore, reunite, heal, intervene, reconcile and save my marriage from breaking. I believe in you and have faith that nothing wrong should happen to anyone of us. Please don’t scare me for I don’t know what is the fate of my marriage. LORD please help me, call me to YOUR HOME for your blessing with my husband, my parents and my in-laws. Make everybody happy. Solve my tension. Please don’t make me suffer so much. I can’t take the pain any more. I am in tears LORD IN JESUS' NAME I PRAY...Please help me & forgive all my sins. No soul has called upon Jesus' mercy, that has ever been disappointent.  Mary Mother of God pray for both of us with Jesus, and retun back my husband to me, you know what is happening in my life and how I come after go through it, please Mother, pray for me & my husband. I can't live without him. I am seeking for your mercy. Brothers and sisters, please pray to make my marriage safe, I seek your blessing. Regards, Sangeetha.

Keith - I pray in Jesus' name that God comes upon Sharley today and prompts her to contact me to be reconciled to me and be my loving faithful wife. I'm standing on God's promise where 2 or more agree It will be done ! Amen.

A. - Please pray for Blake to rein in his lustful eye and attitude. May he have a renewed and strong interest in a committed relationship with Mia based upon her sweetness, her personality and her beauty. Ask that God will give her patience and the ability and desire to also be loving and supportive to him. May Blake and Mia enter into a committed, loving long-term serious relationship with one another now. Thank you so much for your prayers.

S.D.T - Please pray for Sonia and her daughters; for restoration; for health; peace; for financial assistance; prosperity; for social justice; for justice in the courts; nullification/cessation of evil pronouncement/ evil acts/ evil actions/ evil thoughts and prayers/curses said/done against her and her daughters and her beloved friend. Thank you.

Valene - I request you to please pray for my parents i.e {Mr.Simon Charles M. & Mrs.Maria Conceiao M.} to get back all their money from Mr. Agnelo M.. PLease pray that Mr. Agnelo M. repays all the money that he has taken from my parents. Thankyou.

Kusiyo - I pray for the Grace of urgent receipt of US $12,000.00 for reimbursing Yappa, Sandi’s monthly upkeep, Sandi’s Summer School Fees, upkeep for the family and Hour of Faith Radio Programme Competition.

Hannah - Divided prayer.

Lina - Please pray for me. I am in terrible pain daily and I am alone and need support.

Ashley - Please pray that God gives me favor, with Eric G. the boss of my schools center director, the highest ranking employee on campus, and that he comes successfully to my defense using his power to give me justice, and that on Monday April 22nd 2013 or sooner, I recieve a favorable response from the center director of my school and Eric G., and his boss, that I am able to work now. Please protect me from any and all retaliation from the center director, his boss and any and all school employees and students, and that those who find out that I filed a equal opportunity report complaint against my school director for discrimination against me, and was successful in resolving it in just the way and on the terms that I specifically wanted and that it stand as a warning for all my enemies.

Emmanuel - Pray God protection, guardian, healing & success in all dat we are doing in my family.

Nicole - Prayer to remove hex, black magic, voodoo, hoodoo, evil and negativity, from me, my children, Corey and my estranged husband Quincey.

Michelle M. T. -  Pray God heals my hiatul hernia,digestive system, intestinal and excessive gas and discomfort in my body, and pray He heals all damage done to my stomach, and makes it gas free again.  

Kamal - Please pray for healing of type 2 diabetes.

Johnita - Dear Our Lady of Mount Carmel: Greetings! My name is Johnita R. of Orlando, Florida. Please help me before it is too late. I love the Lord Jesus and people have put black magic/evil spirits on me to kill me. Most of these people are from my past or in the homeless shelter I live in. I was healthy and jumpromping, taking only one med. Now, I am getting so weak I can barely move. It has felt like my blood was draied. I have insomnia every night, and this is unusual. My pants are falling off, but I am the same weight. Two weeks ago, I had shortness of breath and pains shooting from my chest into my legs. I went to the emergency room, they found nothing. wrong. Our Sisters of Peace and Christ, please light a candle in my behalf. Please remove my ex's Peter and Alfredo. There is this old Caribbean man 75, who was obsessed with me, and is fooling with dark arts. I have nothing to do with him and he is just a few years younger than my Mom. I go on interviews for jobs, and never hear back from the people again. I had a very hard fall this morning and two weeks ago, one that could have killed me. I feel sharp needles in my toes and neck every morning. I CANNOT LIVE LIKE THIS.

Anthony - Lord God, I come to уou today for healing of Anthony and Rochelle Gielink's marriage and especially for Rochelle's healing. Almighty God and Father I ask that уou lay your right hand over Rochelle and cast out the demons of lust, confusion, lying spirits, hate,divorce, separation, manipulation, selfishness,self obsessiveness, unfaithfulness, marital discord, immaturity, self destruction and disunity. Place your protective hedge of thorns around your child rochelle my Lord.heavenly father destroy any divorce suit and all false illegalities that have been filed @ this very moment in the mighty name of Jesus. Remove your child rochelle my Lord from her path of destruction and return her to her marital path and her matrimonial home. I rebuke these demons in the Mighty name of Jesus and Loose them from Rochelle and their marriage now in the Mighty name of Jesus, cast them O Lord Jesus out of their lives, their marriage and their home. I pray Lord that уou now cause irreparable division between rochelle and her enemies of her marriage and break the stronghold that they, her parents, family especially her aunty and friends have over rochelle. Lord Jesus I pray for healing and restoration of their marriage. Remove all the ungodly councellors and the evil family bondage in rochelles life o Lord. Let all those whoe have and are working against this marriage now become vessels of reconciliation in the mighty name of Jesus. Open up the second heavens O Lord and grant them now their blessings for their marriage and family and grant them your promises for their marriage and family O Lord. I invite уou into their life and their marriage Heavenly Father. Make it all that уou intended it to be. We rebuke satan,all his works and workers of iniquity afflicting Rochelle and this sacred marriage. Return Heavenly Father Rochelle and their girls to Anthony and their home. Grant this family an urgent needed miracle Heavenly Father. Hear my prayer my Lord and My God. In Jesus's name I pray. Amen.

Nora - My friends in Christ, I humbly come to you today requesting your prayers for the health of my nephew George. Please pray that his health issues can be resolved. Let his kinneys start working the way they should. Pray that he can again have the light in his life and that he doesn't get depressed. I know that prayer is powerful. Please pray for him and heal his heart and mind. Thank you Nora.

Cassandra - Please pray for God's will in Aaron and my relationship. Please pray for peace in my heart and continued healing for both of us.

Anna - Please pray for my loving daughter who has learning disabilities and also has poor vision. Please pray for her to heal from her disabilities. TY

Ann - Please pray for me, I have a heel spur and it's very painful. Please pray for God to heal it for me. Thanks.

Matha - Please pray for my daughter Veronica who was born on the 2nd of April, 2013. That God's hand will be heavy on her. She is now turning 16 years old. That God will be with her so that even if she excels in earthly success that she will always honor God in all her ways. That as a mother, though i am a widow, God will always provide in his unique way and that as a family, we will never lack. Two of my brothers are schizophrenic.That God will intercede on their behalf. My sister's husband who wanted to kill her. That he will realize his mistake. My sister in law who is very rude to her husband and has caused him to be a drunkard. She abuses him in public and has managed to reduce him to nothing.That God will fight for their marriage which is about to collapse. For a financial breakthrough so that I will be able to take care of the many responsibilities that i have. I get a very small salary and making ends to meet is quite a challenge. That God will intervene on my behalf so that i can start a business which will supplement my income. Thank you for standing with me. God bless you so much. M. Maingi

Victor - Pray for Sean, may he enter heaven.

Thomas - Beloved Mother please pray for Lijimol and me, consider our love to each other and obtain for us the grace of togetherness in marriage.

Michelle M. T. - Pray God heals constant gas, and my damaged stomach. Heals my gallbladder, and digestive system, feelings of gas inside me, and the feeling like a balloon inside me, and loose stools.

Matha - Please pray for my daughter Vero to stop getting sneezing and running nose and to stop wheezing. She is quite delicate. She is a teenager and goes to a school which is attended by well to do students. They sometimes laugh very openly at her and sometimes even discuss her very negatively even as she hears the negative comments. She takes things to her heart and is very discouraged. I lost the father in the year 2000 and it has not been very easy for me as a widow. Financially, sometimes it is very difficult for me to cope but I thank God for the little income that i get. I am trusting God for more. My two brothers are schizophrenic. That God will have mercy on them and heal them. My sister's husband threatened to kill her. My brother is married to a wife who abuses him since she is doing much better financially and in education. everyone in the Church knows that she is earning more since she tells everyone who cares to listen to what she tells them. For all my siblings. That God will intercede on our behalf. As a family, we have been through quite a lot. Please lift my family to the Lord. My brother Patrick has become a drunkard and drinks so heavily. He says he is depressed because of the wife who treats him with a lot of contempt. My brother Joseph does not have a job for the time being. That God will intervene on his behalf. God bless you so much. Maingi.

Anda -  Please pray for our campus homeless cats, we worry about them; they live in the basement, but the building will be renovated soon; please pray for these pets to always have their warm shelter opened for them and be protected against the cold! Thank you.

Palla K. - I am working in small job and small salary. I am a married person and I am facing so many insults, I am poor family and financial backward.

Dan - Health and to be good Father.

Hope - My husband is a bishop. But has abandoned and divorced me without reason. I'm not perfect but, but one deserves this. I'm disabled, I was isolated for 4 horrible months and left alone for all the holidays, verbally abused and lied about by his grown daughter. I still can't accept that this went on. I need and love my husband. His family was used by the enemy to destroy us, I'm convinced its to keep us out of ministry. Its been 6 months, I got divorce papers last week. He has no remorse and thinks life is better without me. His grown daughter is thrilled and proud she was able to destroy me. God hates divorce. I need Jesus to intervene. Please pray truth will hit my husband so hard that he can't deny God's will for marriage. Thank You all, God Bless.

Rocky -  Black magic curse remove- I know person who I love a lot her name is Loraine W. , she is from Bangalore, we both want to marry each other but her brother's friend Mark, has casted a very bad magic spell on this innocent girl because he  proposed to her and she said no to him.  He used to come to her house and some times take her hair clip, hair clutches and keep it with him, now Loraine is having nightmares every Tuesday and Friday. In fact, every day she is getting marks on her body like some one is touching her every where on her body. She has sent me pics of her marks on her body like some one has scratched her with nail. And also she is a girl and she is also undergoing a treatment which is very bad due to this black magic that has spelled on her. She feels that she will not live for long and some times she also hears that Mark talks to her at night telling her that if you marry any one else you will see what I will do to you and the boy she marries. Lord Jesus, Please do something so that she gets this bad spell removed from her body and she lives a happy life. She keeps telling me what she did that she is suffering like this so badly. She also cries some times. She is scared that if we get married to each other that Mark, who has done this spell, doesn't do anything to her or to me, thats what she is scared of. Please help us out Lord Jesus. We need your help to save this innocent girl.

Alan -  Please pray for my 15 month old son to advance normal and nothing is wrong with him. Mother Mary please pray to keep my family strong thru this difficult time. Mother Mary please guide me in the right direction and right doctors if there was something to be wrong and bless all doctors and everyone dealing with this. Mother Mary please answer my pray that there is nothing wrong with my first born Cruz, and he lives a happy normal life and this is just a phase. Love you Jesus, love you blessed Mary. Please pray for me... from a broken father.

John and Elizabeth - Heal body from type 1 diabetes.

Tonya - Please pray for myself and my two children, Robert and Lauren. Please pray that we would be delivered from the victimization of satanic ritual abuse. Thank You and may the Lord bless you.

Erich - Pray for vindication of my son who has been falsely accused of molesting his daughter by his estranged wife. This was done because he is a good man and would not leave his marriage or his children. Pray for the truth to come out at the hearing tomorrow. He was removed from his children eight months ago. God bless you.

Mario - Financial help with mortages on our house.

Grace -  I need an admission into school, and a God fearing husband.

Anonymous - Dear beloved mother Mary, please please help me Mother, have mercy on me Mother. Mother I am suffering from so much stress and tension, Mother please bless me with good health Mother,release me from tension and stress I am facing presently, pray that I finally pass my board Mother, I am so much tired fed up of tensions and loneliness. Due to loneliness I am depressing also Mother, please Mother bless me with peace and happiness Mother, please change my miserable life into a happier one, Mother please, please respond to my prayers,  send love into my life.

Martine -I am going to court on 4/30 and this is for a big case, not murder though, I am requesting a prayer for everything to go in my favor. I was not able to get a lawyer as I cannot afford it. I was given a public defender but I know God is my lawyer. I am requesting for all the prayers that I can get, as I pray every day and I am still scared, I just need more faith. Please help me pray.

Sri -Please pray for intentions & good health of Lal Ash Sri D.. Thanks.

Hilario - Please help me pray for the following intentions: protection, healing, forgiveness of sins, gift of vocation, financial assistance, for the repose of souls of Santos E. and Rodolfo N. Sr., enlightenment of Leah A. and Jennifer P.

Marie - A permanent solution to financial problems, and a peaceful, quick and happy death for my husband.

Zephanie -Please pray for my 10 months old daughter. Its been a week now that she is having fever and congestion because of cough. Could not have her meal like she always do. Please pray that she recover soon. M worried. From her mother

Mitferd B. - Hello my name is Mitferd and I would like you to pray for me and my family who have come under the attack of a man that pratice witchcraft and black, along with the evil eye. So please pray for us, please.. Thank you.

Dayomal - Heal him and let all the unwanted things that he wants to do vanish away. He wants to die as he is very sick in his mind, heal him.

Anonymous - Pray that my boyfriend and I get back together.Pray that God restore and heal our relationship. Pray for his salvation, and that God touch him and make him a humble man. I am older than him pray that he accepts my age. Pray that he be true and faithful to me. Any obstacles on our way must be removed by God. And God must remove all ungodly things from his life. Pray that he love and adore me, and takes care of me. He must appreciate me in his life. He must always make me happy. Pray that I must be his queen. Pray that God strengthens our relationship. God must make my boyfriend a kind, good and humble person. Pray that he never leaves me again. He must always be with me and by my side. Pray that he must always listen to me. I love him so much, pray that my boyfriend and I get married and end up together this year 2013, and that we spend the rest of our lives together, and that God have mercy on me and touch my womb and bless me with Pregnancy this year 2013.  And he must love and cherish me till death.Thank you.May God richly bless you.

Emma - That my Mum is in good health and stays so, living a long, happy and healthy life.

Loren - I request that my boss wont give me a hard time everyday, help me oh LORD, please help me .

Shael - Plzz help me, I am requesting that you plz save her, plzzzz I don't want miss her: ( I will except your all decision  for me, everyone, bad and good, and never say to you any word. Plzz stay away from more pain and give me her every pain.

Pankaj -  Heal me, O Lord, please help me, You are my last hope.

Rhonda - I pray that I finally pass my board exam in April.

Valene - I request you to please pray for the complete healing of my mother Mrs. Maria Conceicao M. [age 58 years} who has been suffering from rheumatoid arthritis for the past 12 years in which her both knee joints and a left hand joint is terribly paining. Please pray that the terrible pain in all her joints disappears and my Mom gets complete healing from rheumatoid arthritis illness. In past few days my Mom's pain in both her knee joints is very much unberable each step she takes is very painful, please pray that her pain in both her knee joint disappear forever. Thank you.

Michelle T. - Pray God supernaturally heals my hernia, stomach producing gas, intestinal gas, flatuence, and loose stools.

Bridie - I ask for prayers asking God to forgive me many years ago. I was raped and had an abortion, I have confessed many times, but just need prayers now I am in my sixties now. I hope to move on with my life.

Angela - My fiancee left me pregnant with identical twins. I pray the Lord will restore my family and send the holy spirit to Anthony and lead him to repentance. Amen

Cynthia - Praying for my disabled daughter to find a soulmate. She has had her heart broken a few years baack and is feeling like no man will want her with paralysis in her one leg. Please pray God will send her a soulmate to love and cherish her like God loves and cherishes his church.

Catherine - Lord my husband has asked me for a divorce because he said he couldn't be with me sexually because I am overweight. Now he is with another woman ... please Lord I am losing weight ... please restore my marriage in Jesus' name, amen.

Lourdes – Praise God ..... Please pray for my brother Donald who is 27 yrs. as he is going for his scan today as per the yesterday report his ECG report was abnormal. Please in Jesus’ name I ask for a healing to take right where ever he is Lord, forgive him Master he is your child, do not forsake in this days of Lent. What we ask, You never say no Lord, I ask of You this favor in Jesus’ name I  pray, Amen, Amen, Amen.

Liza - I request prayer that I will be pregnant with a healthy baby soon.

Maria -Please pray that Lord really deeply heals every moment of my previous life in sins with His infinite love, that I may know with all of my heart that I was always loved by Him, also in my sins and for total trust in His infinite mercy. I am totally exhausted of long-lasting torture of guilt and darkness, not able to pray. God bless you!+

Antonio -  God's hand to guide the surgeon. Please pray for a quick recovery.

Aubrey - I request prayer for Tyson H. as he struggles with his addiction to drugs and alcohol, and I pray that God will lead him to the path of recovery. I ask for God's healing power to come upon him.

Joel R. - [Joel R., 24, Buffalo, NY, USA] Please pray so that I get more and better protection from Saint Michael the Archangel. And the Holy Spirit, Jesus Christ, and God the Father Almighty.  Against the Enemy. (Continuous Please) Thank you and God Bless. 

Forrest - Father heal an cleanse Annie an I relationship, if it is your will. In Jesus Christ is holy name I pray.

Sylvia - I request you to please pray for the complete healing of my daughter Sylvia Marie who suffers from fibromyalgia, and a bad case of TMJ. Please pray that she heals completely of this painful ailments. She has so much pain that it makes it hard to eat, swallow,and at times to even breath.  She is a very good person but for some reason people only use her, and hurt her. Pray that she finds peace, good health, and true friends that appreciate all the good she does for others. With God's love and guidance, and your prayers, I believe my daughter will be healed, and find happiness for she is a very good person who has been suffering since she was two years old. Thank you for all your prayers.  And please pray for all those who are suffering like my daughter, thank you!!! May the love of God be with all of you who pray for people like daughter, for the power of prayers move mountains!!!!! God bless you all!!!!

Valene - I request you to please pray for the complete healing of my mother Mrs. Maria C. M. [age 58 years} who has been suffering from rheumatoid arthritis for the past 12years in which her both knee joints and a Left hand joint is terribly paining. Please pray that the terrible pain in all her joints disappears and my Mom gets complete healing from rheumatoid arthritis illness. In past few days my Mom's pain in both her knee joints is very much unbearable each step she takes is very painful please pray that her pain in the both her knee joint disappear forever. Thankyou

Michelle - Hi there, I came across this while doing some research -I am pregnant and had my 20 week scan yesterday and they found that my baby has cysts on its kidneys (polycystic kidney disease) it is very rare and i am devastated and i dont know what else to do so i thought id turn to God. I am awaiting to see specialists but was blatantly told the baby could die inside me or soon after birth...please help and pray for  my unborn child to be safe! Ur prayers are very much needed at this time. Thank u so much.

Jennifer - Lord save my home from the bank and restore my peace of mind.

Eshtban G. -  Pray for me. I ask for help against my sins and the way I was born into sin. Please ask God to please save me from all distress, fear, any danger that may come upon me, whether imagined or real. I pray for a real blessed miracle to go to confession and have real saving faith.

Hilario -  Protection, healing, forgiveness of sins, gift of vocation, for the soul of Corazon, Salvacionm.

Jeffry - Pray for Son diagnosed with ADHD.

Donyelle - That people stop firing shot in our house and stop breaking in.

Jaratin - Please pray for me to be released from family curse inherited from my parents. Thank you.

Tony - Faith, safe surgery, strength, acceptance, fast recovery, love.

Ramesh - Hello Father, I had married in Feb 29 civil marriage which I loved 1 girl from 5 years and we married in civil- after that she told she will convence her dad and mom, so when she told her parents from that day they hide her and changed her completely and filed a case for divorce, now the case is going on and she is completely changed. Plzz help me bcz her father goes somewhere to do blackmagic, plzz help me .....my name is Ramesh and my wife name is Sonam...now court is there is on 7th  march, plzz help me and pray for me, from 1 year I am praying.

Monica - God I trust thee. Please pray that Martin and I can reconcile our relationship for the lie and forgiveness, and pray that God will grant me a new job n bless my family with happiness and forgiveness, and please pray for the Soliz and Pena family.

Melania - Please pray for me, I've been diagnosed with chronic kidney failure stage 4 and I really hope my kidney will be functioning back. I also having problem with spina bifida and urinating. Please pray that I may heal from all the sicknesses that I have..and I really hope apart from that I will be bless with happiness with my family and my plan to be engage this year, may the family of my future husband accept me and give me support, and I pray for the peace of my family. My mum and her siblings, and I also pray that may Lord bless my relationship with my future husband..and also bless us with good financial..Ty and God Bless.

Theresa - Please pray that something gets worked out to save my home of 22 years going up for Sheriff sale. I have been trying to work with bank . Please pray they help us.

May - For the lecturers, readers, liturgy, lay Eucharistic minister, offerers, sacristan, Eucharistic adorer, knights of Columbus (KC), basic ecclesial community (BEC), to all communities or organization in the holy catholic church, as well to the mass presider, and church goers in my country especially in my area that we may obtain God’s graces and live as true followers of Christ in our daily life.  For my neighbors, fellow men in my country and city that we may obtain true peace in our environment or respective area.  May our church parishes and chapel in my country especially in the area where I resided become a good venue for real Christian conversion, blessing, and a freedom to practice a Catholic belief.

May -May you include prayers my personal request that I can find a new and sustainable employment within this month that I like, find new and real friends, become even more healthy in mind, body, and spiritually,  establish good relationship to others especially with my mother and brother as well old friends, resolve the challenges that comes along in my life right now, live a happy Christian life together with family and friends and my art (painting) business will prosper that I may able to have lots of customers. Also, I may bring back the aspect that been lost before especially my financial assets. May I be back in my blogging career and acquire a new websites that would last a lifetime for competition and business purposes. May some of my dreams and dreams be blessed and come into reality without my challenge. And most of all, may evil persons or ways can’t close to me, to my family , and to my friends.

Elma - Please pray that my sister accept that she needs to get into an alcohol rehab center before she drinks herself to death as our older sister did last year. This is worrying our elderly father so much as he feels he needs to take care of her, but cannot. She is beyond our help and needs professional care, which has been offered to her, but she continues to resist. She is now a danger to our family, but our dad does not want to turn her out. Please, our Heavenly Father, hear my pleas and prayers to guide my sister to recovery.

Neeka - The dismissal of Joshua's court case. Thank u Lord.

Ken M. -  Safe surgery and recovery

Daisy - Salary Increase.

Mariana - Employment.

Brian and  Sarah - Need financial help for urgent repairs on their home.

Damon - I am 19 and would like to find Love and to be successful in life. Long story short, I am in need of good a job, I been unemployed for a year and still havnt find a job. I been trying hard to find one and I had no luck, I need to make money so I could support myself and live on my own. I am depressed about my relationship and love life, I been single for almost three years, and I am feeling lonely and would like to have a companion with me. I been trying to find one, a good girl in my life that I could actually be with and enjoy my life with. So if you can, help me pray to get my answer from Lord Jesus Christ. Thank you for taking time to read this and praying, God bless you.

Elizabeth - I was kidnapped as a child and the people who did that haven't stopped trying to control me.  They are also hurting my family and friends.  Please pray that all the Angels and Saints come to help me in everything I do, and that those who are doing this cease to injure anyone else.

Anonymous - Please pray for my Mother Luz Amelia. My dad past away and my younger brothers want to sue my mother for 50% of the house. She is old and debated. Please pray for her, she worked so hard to pay it off by herself.

Carlos - Please pray that God pays all my debts of 65000.00 for house electric, please.

Sha - Pray for my relationship with my spouse. May the Lord God rebuke all third party from my relationship, in Jesus' name.

Jacqueline - Hello. I am Jacqueline, and I'm writing for prayer. I am praying that the power of satan be broken off my two daughter's lives, their names are Tenille and Tradawn. Thanks and God Bless.

Ashley - Please pray for my Mother who has to go to a meeting with a boss who bullies her and has lied on her.  I pray the Bully will be exposed for her lies, slander, deceit and that my Mom will be strengthened in Jesus' name.  I pray my Mom will gain all of the support, protection and guidance she needs to overcome this obstacle.  I pray she will endure no stress, no health problems or feel fearful in the meeting today.  I pray for a great outcome in my Mother's favor. Please get rid of the bully.  Thank you amen.

Johnita - Dear Our Lady of Mount Carmel Prayer Intercessors: Greetings! My name is Johnita R. of Boston, Ma. I love Jesus Christ and believe in the Saint's intercession. Our Lady of Carmel,  please remove the evil curses upon me and the jealousy. Due to domestic violence, I am in a homeless shelter. Within a week, I will be relocating to another state. I am going on faith in Jesus Christ. Oh, our Lady of Mount Carmel, give me the needed funds to succeed, and pray that a shelter or non-profit organization will let me stay until I get on my feet. I will register with a temporary agency, pray that I get immediate employment and Godly friends who are not evil and have a pure heart in this new state. Please pray for me to have a very safe journey and for strangers to offer their assistance. I am making this journey based on faith in Jesus and to put my life back on track. Thank you and God bless you so much. Respectfully, Johnita R. Leaving the abuse and mistreatment in Boston.

Zai - Lord, I am troubled and worried for my Mom's health. Please make her healthy again. Lord I know you will not leave our side. I feel helpless. Please send people who will help our present state. Lord, make me strong for my mom, please grant my request. I love my Mom so much.

Nilhara - My name is Nilhara & I live in Australia. I am 28 years old. I am separated after 20 months of marriage with my husband Kasun since last November due to interference of my inlaws & his temper. So please Father God make Kasun a better man & bring him back to me. Make him humble enough to come back & make him love me all over again. Please Father save my marriage as Kasun was my 1st & I don't want to be with anyone else ever. Thank you Father. I love you so much.Thanks & may God bless you all.

Alberto - For my Father and Mother who are facing court on Tuesday 22 Jan 2013 on trumpeted up allegations with cps.  Please let it be done and let my parents move on with the family.

Zai - Please pray for my mom, she's experiencing another bout of diverticulitis. Please help me pray for her miraculous and fast healing.

Lisa - Please pray that Ryan and I reconcile and our relationship becomes stronger and we can trust each other, in the name of Jesus, and bring Ryan and I together again.

Gloria - Please intercede on my behalf for a peaceful resolution at work from the constant evil and persecutions from med. ed. and that I successfully finish my residency at the hospital with no further persecutions or acts of evil directed towards me.

Kitungano - Pray for me so that GOD can improve my living conditions by providing me with a good house to accommodate my family. I am really suffering. In GOD I trust.

Udeshika - Dear God,I want a husband and kids in the future. So why do I worry so much about this, is it the fact that I’m still single? I want a husband Lord. A partner a marriage that glorifies you through our relationship.. please Lord help me and my fear of this and my external pressures and fears about this…thank you and love you Lord Jesus. Thank you for dying on the cross when I am not worthy. Love you.

Mark - Please pray to resolve the financial difficulties of Mark V.S.

Kalvina - I wish to find happiness and my soul mate without any obstructions, I pray that I get a well and secure job and will be able to further my studies.

Venus - Plase help me to kee my job. I have to go back before the operation manager on wed at 3pm. I was only trying to make my issue better for my 5 year old daughter's child care. I really can't afford to loose my job please pray for me and my family. Thank you and bless you. Venus.

Rinasha - My sister and I have been beaten and bullied at school, we need pray to remove obstacles from our path, and that justice should be served in His name.

Mit - Make my love realise how much I love him, and we are made for each other and he cares for this love, I want him back and want us to spend the rest of our life together.

Lisa - Boyfriend is facing the last days of his court case.. I ask that you all will pray for his case to be dropped and he'll be free.

Jeff - Please pray for Francisco, who has Cystic-Fibrosis and is in the isolation unit of the hospital. Also, pray for his family that God my grant them comfort and peace. Thank you and bless you. Jeff.

Diana - Our little Unborn Grand- Baby is in urgent need of miracle prayers for healing,  She has an extra collection of fluid in her neck. Only the Power of Jesus Christ can work a miracle  for our little grand-baby. Thank you and God Bless you.

Rita - For total healing of my cancer from my liver, and for my son's drug addiction, and for financial help.

Zoran - Please pray for me and peace in my family.

Marcia - Please remove the blockage and curses so I can find a soul mate, and the evil eyes and bad luck. Thank you in Jesu's name.

Ted - Found a mass in my left lower lung, please pray for me for healing.

David - Court Case in an hour.

Lana - That my husband and I will reconcile immediately, if it be the will of God

Sheila - I received a 3 day Notice to Vacate today on my home of over 32 years. I ask that you join me in prayer to save my home.    Thank you

Maria Teresa - Alleviate us from the financial difficulty.  Our debts are too big, please sent us somebody to save us from the financial burden. Please pray that our business will prosper.

Margaret - Please Pray for me that I can loose weight

Jerome -  Oh' Lord, King of Heaven and of Earth, One true God, Please  Lord' hear my cry and my troubles, Please Lord' heal my relationship with my love, Protect us and keep us away from all danger,sickness and adversity specially to my families and loved one's. may you continue us to shower your blessings and thank you Lord for the grace that you've given to us. I hope and pray that you will grant my favor and Oh' Lord God. Have mercy on us. In Jesus name we pray Amen.Thank You

Fara - Please have a mercy on us. Please have a mercy to my child. He is young and he needs to have a normal life like all children. Please dear Lord, please save and free us from the one who cause this life for both of us. Please dear Lord, in Jesus name free us. Please have a mercy to my child. Can no more take this life Dear Lord. Feel so desperate and abandoned. Do not want this life that you gave me. Can no more take it. Dear Lord you know better than me. Please protect me from devil and dark forces that delays are my needs all the time.  I need to go on with my life. Please dear Lord help me – I want and wish to continuous my life with the one that I love. I hate this life. I hate it.   Dear Lord please have a mercy on me and my child in this new year eve. Please. In Jesus name, Amen

Forrest - Prayer to remove all walls an barriers between Forrest an Annie so healing may start. Prayers to remove satan's grip on us an let communication begin, in the name of Jesus Christ I pray.....amen.

Sangeetha - I have kept my gold in locker without knowing to them, but the past few days they r asking. I do events business and I need to get some money in Jesus' name.  Tomorrow morning they will check my berrow for gold, even though I have belief in Jesus and reading bible, I am very much tensed. I need prayer request immediately that my Mother or Father should not ask again for gold or go in search for it till I give them.  I pray that I get my gold back soon and money, in Jesus' name. I am Hindu Brahmin, but am accepting Jesus, and I need immediate prayer that they should not check it tomorrow. I am fed up with false gods, so I started trusting on Jesus, as I heard many miracles and even I have seen when I came to sec'bad on Sunday evening. So I believed and now I want that they should not search for gold in berrow or they should not ask, in Jesus' name. Please pray for me or else I have to die, and in house also big fights happen, its my life and death matter. Please I have faith in Jesus, if anything wrong happen I loose faith on Jesus as I lost in other idols which I thought were gods, but am loving Jesus and I want to earn nicely and want to serve as they r loved ones for Jesus. I am reading bible without knowing to my parents, as my community is against Jesus, but am tensed about gold every second as am not getting events properly money properly, whatever. So please, only Jesus can help me or kill me from this situation, I ask you to pray for me and make my belief true, that believing in Jesus wont go in ruin.....

Ntokozo - Oh mighty Father the Creator of all. Plese give me the power of attraction and to be loved.

Rachel - Please Lord, Mother Mary, all the angels and saints hear my prayers for my husband. He is lost and confused, involved in infidelity, alcohol, & drugs. Please continue guiding him home to us so we can help him heal and recover. Please, i want to save my husband and my marriage of 23 years. I feel it in my heart that he wants to come home but is struggling with how to tell the other woman. Please Lord, help me. In Your Name I Pray, Amen.

Adrian -  Dear Lord, thank you for giving me strength to face the challenges that this life brings. As I move on with my life, please give me the physical, mental, financial & spiritual capacity to endure and never loose faith in you. I also pray that my tumor be completely healed and disappear without a trace & I would like to pray for my Mom, may you give her comfort, physical, mental and spiritual strength to persevere & lastly, please erase any hatred within me. I ask this through Christ, Amen. +AMDG

Solome - I pray that God brings my man (Steve J.) from sweden, his  thoughts back to me though we are in long distance relationship, I believe God for marriage.

Caroline - Greetinsg in our Lord, pls I need God's protection over my life and that of my family. 

TJ -  For my past financial issues to not bother me and my future financial situation be blessed.

Martin - Charges in court case dropped to lesser charges and to be released home in next few weeks to my family.

Christiane - I have a case which is still undergoing, it will be in the hand of the commissioner by tomorrow, I would like if that case be put aside and God help me not for anyone to see me guilty.  I am sad, I have been for 26 yrs in the police, and now they want to judge me. So God help me.

Helen - I need prayer for my apartment and our car- someone in the middle of night had broken in to our car, broke the window and took stero, they came back and sat in the car like they want to steel it. So I am as you to watch over our car money is get took from us Lord I ask you to come and save us Lord Ivory want Trequan give him to her  don't hurt me so all this evil have to stop I say get out in jesus name Amen

Jackson - Please pray for me to have my company to return me my transport allowances owed to me for more than 6 years I have not been paid my transport allowances whereas my colleagues enjoys the allowances.

Dave -  Child support against him.  He is paying, but she kept asking for more money. He can not afford to pay more.

Tanika D. - Break the soul ties that I have with a married man, Paul B., in Jesus' name, amen, separate us.
Evita - Please pray for my mother Juliana who is in 4th stage of cancer. At this point of time only Jesus Christ can save her and heal her.Please pray to the Almighty to show mercy on me and my family and provide his divine healing on my mother.

Nirmala - Praise the Lord! In need of a Blessing from the Lord.. Pls Pray for me to stop my divorce  and restore marriage. Due to some reasons and pressure from the elders from both the sides I have or had to agree to the terms of divorce by mutual consent and Filed it on Aug-22-2012 but I don't want divorce....our next hearing court date is on December-2012.
I'm a born-again christian and took accepted Jesus as my Lord and Saviour in oct-16-1996 and my husband took baptism just a week before of our wedding..i.e., may-09-2009,on my insist..Please pray that God send my husband for Good and open the communication lines between us,to Speak to my husband, soften his heart, and return him to our  marriage.
To strengthen the relationship between my husband and me! That any barriers between us will be removed permanently and that we may have a lifetime of happiness and love together. I'm the eldest daughter in my family and I have 2 younger sisters and one younger brother to get married..It is so hard and difficult for my family members to watch this...Pray for reconciliation of my marriage and stop the divorce case.

Sylvester - Success in a Court Case.

Anthony - Please pray for Emotional Healing.  I was in a broken relationship and I cannnot get over it.  I am losing my theological virtue of hope.  Pray for Jessica also.

Christane - I am asking if my loan that I have asked from the bank be released, as I have lots of things to do, I have money problems.

Thomas - Our Mother, remove all obstacles and grand liji and me the gift of togetherness in marriage.

Paul -  Oh God may you make me get through this difficult moment of financial hardship, especially in paying back the bank loan.

Sminesh - My wife sending a prayer request for me for getting a job in Dubai with the help of God I am getting a job in Dubai in a good company, but unfortunately our company is in trouble and laid down the business. This will also effect all employees in my company. So please pray for us. Sir please pray for our company, and for safety in our jobs. Sir I also pray for God to get a job for my wife in Dubai, and please help my daughter also to get a good admission in school in Dubai. Father this is not for our interest, if you a satisfied it pls get it . Our life for your praise Jesus.

Riza - My baby Grandson Eric has a rare form of brain cancer, ATRT. He is in the fight of his life, and desperately needs your prayers. Please fervently pray and ask everyone you know to pray for him as well. Thank you, and may God  bless you.

Minnie - Please pray for my sister Cynthia, she has a lot of health problems.

Valora - Please pray for my daughter Dawn. She had two operations to remove a cancerous thyroid, and still needs another operation to remove the remains of the thyroid. She also has a spot on her lung, and she has to go for a biopsy because her two lymph nodes may be cancerous as well, and she has to have a complete body scan because there is a possibility that the cancer may have spread to other parts of her body. Please pray for God's loving mercy and healing, that her biopsy and scan show no other cancers, and that it hasn't spread, and that her operation this time is successful. Thank you for your prayers, and may God bless you all.

Gloria - Alexandra is 2 yrs. old, and was just recently diagnosed with leukemia. Her Cousin Emily is 5 yrs. old and has seizures, and may also be bi-polar. Please pray for these children, and their family members.

J. B. - That God heals all my family, mentally, physically, emotionally, financially, and spiritually.

Beryl - Please pray that I may be healed soon.

S. and R. - Please pray that Our Lady of Mt.Carmel protects R and me from all evil, the devil/satan. Please Blessed Mother, help me to keep my job and protect me from my enemies who want to destroy me. Destroy my enemy's plans against me, and remove my enemies from my path, and put a hedge of protection around me. Thanks.  Bless R, protect him from all legal issues and mental health problems, and physical problems, and let R get off of methadone safely. Bless our finances, home and pets, and keep us safe and sane. Bless Mom, Grandma and R, and Catallina. Thanks.

Michael - Please pray for my brother.  He is only 45 years old and he has Congestive Heart Failure.  He needs a miracle.  Please pray for him!

John k. - To move unwanted people from my home that I live in and rent, in Jesus name.

Bill & Carol - Broken Hearts... SPECIAL PRAYER REQUEST! Death of Our Only Son & Other Ongoing Sorrows...
Dear Community of Prayer, Please include my wife & I in the daily prayers of the Community in 2009 or as long as possible?? Please pray for God's Mercy & Healing Peace in our broken hearts, health and shattered lives made worse by severe financial hardships!! Thank you for praying for us in our long dark nightmare of the soul!  Bill and Carol, from Ohio.

Feenie - Please pray for the Deacon of my parish, Deacon Joe. He has been suffering from unknown parasites, and it has interfered greatly with his job as a deacon, and is taking a toll on his health. Please rebuke these parasites from him, in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord. I thank you all for all your prayers, and know that I'm praying for you all always.

Kelly - Lord, help me to get a good paying job and my relationship with my boyfriend back.  Lord, please hear and answer my cry. Amen

Maury - That Father I can keep my job, my boss will find favor in my work, and the mortgage Co will give me a lower payment to keep my home.

Mary - Please pray for Theresa.

J.B. - Please pray for my brother Charlie, that God restore his  sobriety and his faith, and that through Christ he learns to cope with life no matter what happens.

Marilyn - Please pray for Allice, she has cancer and was told that she only has a few months to live. Please also pray for my husband Andy, he has heart problems and may need a bypass.

Paul - Please pray for a four legged friend of mine who has a tumor that I think is cancerous. My good friend, my cat Buggi.... Thanks love you always, In Jesus Christ.

Michelle - For good health and happiness for me and all my family, and that the roller coaster ride of problems that we're on come to an end, and that my daughter is happy, healthy, safe and successful.

Anonymous - Kevin S. is leaving for Kuwait soon. May God bless and protect him and bring him home alive, well and safe, happy and healthy, mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. And may God protect his loved ones, and all our Service men and woman, and all their families as well. In Jesus' name. Amen.

Pam - Please help me to keep my job. I am  being accused of something I did not do. I work very hard at this job and need it desperately to support myself and two children. I am very dedicated and am trying very hard. Please ask Jesus, Mary, and God to protect me from negativity and to succeed at this job and continue

Claudette - Prayer request that Claudette be blessed, financially, so that she can pay off her mortgage (and not lose her home), pay overdue bills and mounting parking tickets, and make urgent repairs on her home.  Also, may Claudette be blessed so that she can keep her job and do well in it.  Thank you.  Peace and blessings.

Ray - That I learn to accept things in God`s time. His will be done.. That I may return to the field of employment I feel I was meant to be in.

CMS - Pray for my wayward husband to return back home to wife and kids, and to stop his sinful lifestyle.

Tammy - I am asking for a prayer request for reconciliation and restoration in my marriage to Todd M.. I also would like for God to touch Todd's heart and soften it and show him the love I his wife have for him. And also that God help Todd fight the devil. Todd cant do this alone, he needs help.  I love my husband and I have been forgiven of past sins. I want to save our marriage and make a Godly difference in Todd's life.

Julie - That my family be restored to good physical and mental health.

Arlene - David walked away from me because of a disagreement, now he has closed his heart to me. Please pray for the Lord to powerfully, and swiftly restore our loving relationship. for I love him with all my heart, please lift Arlene and David up to the Lord. only Jesus can move in my David's heart.
Thank you. All my love, Arlene.

Sujay - Keep my job.

Betty Jo- Please pray for my little granddaughter. She was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes (Juvenile onset /Insulin dependent) she will be 4 yrs. old in January. Please pray for her and the folks that will be taking care of her. She's at the hosp. in Savannah until they can get her sugar under control. We hope she'll be home for Christmas.

Bridget - Please pray the darkness be lifted and my husband see his way home to the children and I, remove all wrong doings and guilt. Thank you.

Marilyn - Please pray for - 1. Charlie, he has thyroid lymph & prostrate cancer and the Dr. wants him to take a Radiation Pill which is so dangerous to others, that he will have to be quarantined for a week.  2. Alice ,who has lung & liver cancer. 3. Mark, who has bladder cancer and a liver problem.

Robert - I pray that my eye problems will heal, and that I will be able to go back to work, and for now I ask for a financial blessing to help our family with our debts, thank you and God Bless.

Jeff- keep job.

Natalia - please pray for my mother whose hip has been fracture, pray that she comes home free from surgery. I trust in you lord.

Pramilla - Please pray for my mother, she had a fall and her hip is cracked. I pray for her to be healed and come home without surgery. I rebuke any surgery in your mighty name, and the crack to disappear.

Kaca - Please, support me in prayers: For urgent divine intervention for complete reconciliation with my loved one Shule. That Shule does not get involved into any new relationship, but that we meet and talk, that God form lines of good communication between us, keep us in His care and help us to work out all problems, that we start again, officially get married and have many children! God gives promises, and I know He is faithful!
Thank you very much. God bless you. I pray for you. Praise the Lord for He hear prayers and answer on it.
Kaca from Belgrade in Serbia

Phil B. - Need for employment.

Robert - I pray for help with my financial debts. I have lost my job, mainly due to eye problems that the doctors are still trying to fix, and the disability I get from my old job, does not cover all that we have to pay out each month. My wife works part time, but we have done everything humanly possible for assistance. I am asking God for his help, for a blessing to allow us to overcome these struggles with our debts. Please pray for us. thank you.

Marilyn - Please pray that God give me strength, and heal my family and friends...For my Husband Andy, who has Diverticulitis. For my Daughter Mari Lou, will be going for an operation on Fissures. For my Son Louis, Deviated Septum. For my Son-in-Law Mark, Bladder Cancer. For my Brother-in-Law Charles D., Thyroid Lymph Cancer & Prostrate Cancer. For Alice M., Cancer. For a young woman Erika, very bad virus and they don't know what it is. For Loretta, bad Bronchitis. Thank you for your prayers, God bless you.

Scott- One and only mentally ill + 6 disorders/ alcohol/ drug on the streets- easy prey for hoodlums - need to save him/ heal Him. And his Mom who is ill also but has worked 38 yrs and still works .. Thank you.

Susan - Please pray for my son Eric that he is able to keep his job and that his boss see's his value in the work he does for others.

Livi - Please pray that I keep my Job. I have done something wrong and have a disciplinary hearing on the 26th February. Only a miracle from Jesus can save me now.

Arun - Praise the lord, myself Arun Joseph, I got Visit visa to UAE, now I am requesting to all please pray for me to get a  job with a salry of 10000 Dhrms in UAE, I need it , I need it , I need it, please pray for me , please, I need the job with salary of 10000 dhrms.

Kristen - Please pray for the restoration of my marriage to Steve and stop my impending divorce.

Nichole - I pray for hedges with thorns be placed around my husband Tulio, and that my job I currently have now is blessed to have prosperity and blessing from positive administration.

Minnie - Please pray for my niece Sabrina, she is 43 years old with five children and just had a stroke. Thank you for all your prayers, and know that I am praying for you all as well.

Feenie - Please pray for the Sister Obiama, a nun from St. Lucy's Church in Newark. A robber broke into the convent and beat her up. Please pray that she will be all right and that fear don't take over her, and that God place His Archangels  around the convent and keep them safe from all harm, from now on.

James - I need for my son to stop using drugs and to get and stay clean and sober.For myself, I desperately need a good job.

Ditmar - For Employment, Better Health, peace, happiness, and more opportunities to help others.

Beth - Pls pray for my son, Alvin asap (he needs guidance & help in his studies. He needs to stay focus and concentrated only on his studies to attain his goal towards graduate or medical school.  Thank you for all. We love and praise you, Lord.. pls help us.

Marieza - Please pray for my health, guidance, strength,wisdom and right direction. And pray for my friend initial RA to right direction too and guidance that he is facing a lot of problems too with the family. And I asked for forgiveness what I did  he asked for space and never called or emailed since that misunderstanding. Thank you.

Kath - That my relationship with Matt be repaired and that we come together again with love and forgiveness.

Leo - Please say a prayer for my Uncle Tommy, it is the third anniversary of his death.

Leo R. - For Duane W. whom I met while in the hospital. Duane is very ill and needs our prayers. Please pray that God heal him completely.

Wendy - Please help me keep my job; I am a teacher and working on my certification.  I am a single mom with a 15 year old daughter. I have struggled so much.  Thank you.  God Bless.

Brian - Please heal his swollen node in his neck.

Linda - Heal me with my stomach and my Kidney syndrome.

Barbara - Heal her liver and what ever is wrong with her.

Latoya -Doctor found a lump in my breast, they do not know if it is cancerous. I have a biopsy test to do to determine if it is. Please pray for me that the lump is not cancerous and will not exist when they do the biopsy exam. And please also pray for me to conceive, my husband and I have been trying and we desperately want a baby. Thank you.

Helen - Pray for me, sometimes I hurt people without knowing or meaning it, please pray that I do better. Thank you.

Lydia - Daughter had tumor and some lymph nodes removed. Please pray that tumor be benign and no further surgeries be needed.

Deborah - I’m struggling financially, physically and emotionally and I am in urgent need to find a job as I have been unemployed now for a period of four months. I have been sending out secretarial applications and trying hard and pray that God works a miracle in my life to find something stable without relying on anyone. May the Lord provide urgently guidance to help me quickly find the right career which offers stable employment and help me sort out my financial problems using the talents that God has given me.

Feenie - Please pray for healing and help in my family's present situations. Thank you, and may God bless, and heal you all.

April- My brother who is in jail.

Mary - I need a boyfriend and I wish I had a husband... I never married...Love Mary.

Manisha - Prayer for my current job to become permanent.

Martha - I need help to keep my job. I need a chance to prove I can do this. Please pray for me.

Raymond - Pray I keep the Job that I have long time.

Elaine - I have a lot of rival at work pray to keep them away from me so I wont lose my job.

Yahoones - Hepatitis C.

Analyn - Please pray for my sister Analyn to have kind employers there in Bahrain and for her safe travel the soonest. That we can build our own house. And may the love of Christ Jesus will always reign in our family.

Cherlyn - Please pray for John's health. He lost the function of his kidneys. He will be taking treatment 3 times a
week. He may be a candidate for a kidney transplant. Please pray for him.

Chris - Pray for those who have nothing, and those who are so worse off than ourselves.

Robin - Lord please heal me of the nerve damage done to me because of shingles. Heal these neck and back problems. In Jesus' name I pray. Amen.

Debbie - That I do not lose the job that I am still in orientation with. My only problem is that I am not as quick on the computer.  I need this job and tend to the sick as a RN.

Debbie - I meet with my supervisor today @1000 about my job. Please pray with me that I keep my job. I will work harder.

Marsha - To pray for me to keep my job, and to keep me in good health.

Melissa - Please hold Henry's hands through his struggle to get better. Give him strength to breath and walk on his own again someday soon.

Sherri - URGENT Matthew moves out of my home.

Loretta - Dear Blessed Mother & Jesus, please bless me with divine favor on my commission sales. Please touch the hearts of people you know who are thinking about funeral / cremation plans. Also, the people who told me they wanted one. LORD, you are the GOD of the breakthrough. "Hear me, O lord, for your loving kindness is good; turn to me according to the multitude of your tender mercies."  Psalm 69:16.

Donna- Please pray all my family members are healthy and receive many graces and blessings.  Please pray we grow closer and love each other very much.  Thank you.

Araks - Please I please you to pray that God give me the love of the young man (his name is Arthur) whom I love myself so deeply as I want to make family with him, this is too much important for me as I nearly have no one to pray with me, I am despaired....I also have financial problems that cause me many difficulties to solve which I dare to ask you to pray as they cause me too many problems... please I need prayers for these matters.Please pray as long as you wish! Thank You very much.GOD Bless You! Amen.

David - To ensure my job in hard times.

Gosiame - Peace, forgiveness, free from evil and satan.

Sherri - Paula-Carls debuts cancelled.

Liz - Please pray I keep my job as I may lose it or be demoted, please don't let that happen. Thank you.

Valora - Please pray for 2 yr. old Syler N. who has been missing since July 25, 2010 - that he is found very soon, and that he is alive and well, and no harm has come to him at all! In Jesus' name, Amen.

Marilyn - Please pray for my dearly departed friend Allice. May her soul, and all the souls of the faithful departed, through the mercy of God, rest in peace. Amen.

Marifer - To cure me of my mental afflictions.

Jaime - That he be able to walk again.

Regina - I request my jobs be protected.

Jeff - I ask you to pray for a living rose, "MY MOTHER." She has breast and stage 4 vertebrae cancer. I am an only child, and I take care of her. The past two years she has been having dizziness and nausea right after breakfast. She then has to go to bed. She is breaking my heart. My father passed away recently. Please pray for a return to health for her. I really believe, what man can't do, "GOD CAN." I ask you very humbly for this request. My mother's name is Carmella Christopher. Seeing her going through this has also affected my health. I suffer with IBS anxiety and depression. I need to stay well to take care of her. Thank You, Jeff C.

Ushaa - Due to loss in business I and my family are tortured by greedy money lenders. Pray God to prosper the business and pay all loans. Thank u all who  pray for us . God bless u.  Praise the lord.

Preetha - Pray for Preetha to be blessed with a child. She has done surgery and suffering physically and mentally for a baby. Only your prayers can bring a miracle in her life. Thank u for all who pray for Preetha. Praise the lord. God bless you all.

Dulce A. -  She having a biopsy done tomorrow.

Sherri - matthew urgently moves out of my home.

Jr - Will you pray I am under the will of God.

Romulo A. V.  - I am problems of financial and lost our house.

Olisa - Please pray for me that God will bless me with wealth and knowledge, that almighty God will favor me in all my ways. That my name shall become lucky. Amen.

Luvina and Linda -  Please pray for my sisters in the church. Their names are Luvana and Linda. Lord delivers them from black magic and sorcery.  Help them to see that this practice is a sin and wrong.  Full their hearts with the spirit of Christ‘s love.

Romary S. - Please pray for me that I keep my job because I really need it.

Anonymous - Chyann is a very young little girl who suffers from Juv. diabetes, and it seems she's constantly getting ill with one thing or another. Please pray for this sweet little child, that God heals her of diabetes and keeps her safe.

Catherine - Pray that I keep my job and continue to have faith in myself and my family's support and love.

Jeanne D. - To ask God to protect me against my enemies in my job.

Ginger - John H. - I need a prayers to help keep my job. I am accused of something that I did not do and may be fired. please help me.

Jhem - Me and my husband are married for 4 years and we still do not have a baby, we are asking for your prayers for us to have a baby and to have a job to sustain our financial situation.

Ran - Marriage restoration.

Justin - Dear Lord let him keep his job.

Grace - I am  in debt for a long time. I am so much hopeless now and have prayed all my life so that we can be out of financial distress. I know God is always there but it would be of great help if you come to my assistance to help me pray.  my sincere thanks and I know through you I will be delivered from this situation. My sincere thanks.

Natty - Pls pray that my family will overcome financial burden currently in. Thank you.

Sharon - To Mary Undoer of the Knots: Please pray for my son Jonathan A. to stop drug addiction and bad friendships. Help him to find work. Thank you Mary Undoer of the Knots.

Noncie M. - Salary increment.

Rosana - I don't want to loose my job its my only income to support my family.

Veronica R. -  To keep my job

Tacha - Please pray that I keep my job, and help me to overcome depression that haunts me.

Jr. -  Will  you pray this city is under the will of God?

Josephine - Financial blessing, salary increment, and a happy marriage & God fearing children.

Robert - Please pray for me that God restores my relationship with my ex V.

Dharamjit M. -  His prostate cancer and heart condition gets better. Please God help.

Kim - Job-restore my marriage to IFY.

Ting- Please pray for my special intention. Thank you.

Sharon - Please pray for my son Jonathan A. to stop drug addiction. Help him to stop all cravings of drugs. To have in God and trust in him. Thank you.

Hugh - I pray that I receive a permanent contract in my current job. I pray that meeting @ 9 am goes well.

Lesha - Pray for my Mother, she's very depressed and very unhappy in the nursing home.

CTLe - Please ask God to allow my employer hiring me as the permanent position for Business department. If this pray does not come true, Please ask God to keep me employ with the same company throughout this year and next year-2011. Amen.

Veronica - I pray that the Lord will help and protect the school he has establish for me, 10 yrs now, to prosper, and that the Lord gives me God fearing, dedicated, good, hardworking teachers to work with.

Patrick - Financial problem...

Freddie - That he is okay and will get better to come home soon.

Kim - Affordable housing, employment, full benefits, childcare and restored marriage.

Anonymous - For all those recently diagnosed with cancer, as well as their families and caregivers. For those suffering with dementia, heart, liver, lung, Parkinson's and other long term ailments. Also in thanksgiving for favors/blessings received.

MB - Please pray that the true meaning of Christmas is never forgotten.  Our values and beliefs are dying due to agnostic beliefs.  Let God always shine through and may the Christmas star always guide us to Jesus. I pray that everyone who has problems keep the faith and knows that God is with them and is working behind the scenes. Keep believing !!

Eero - I need plenty more belief, plenty more power of prayer and more Holy Ghost with me. Please pray also that God gives me gifts of God's grace.

Ifeanyi, kim - Marriage restored, employment and housing and good health.

Candi - To keep my job.

Debbie - Please pray for my Mom who has Alzheimers/Dementia.Thank you.

Monique - Pray for my family, health and that I keep my job in this days and years to come watch over them through this journey in life. Amen.

Sue - I pray for my long distance relationship with Ed to not be long distant anymore, help him heal, learn to love himself so he can love himself and bring us physically together, it's been 3 long years. Thank you.

Kim - Complete my MBA program online.

Mrs. N. - I pray that I keep the job I love and that God guides me and holds my hand through this difficult time. I pray he pardons my mistakes and walk with me through my time of need.

Nisha E. - "Dear Jesus, bless my husband to become a Direct Staff in BAPCO company,Bahrain. So that we can live in Bahrain with family and our children can complete their schooling here. Increase our monthly income and savings. Amen"

Kim - Marriage restored, and a position as a Director of Finance.

Joanna W. -  Dear Lady of Mount Carmel, please pray for me to get usd 2,000 urgently for my Legal Fees. I needed this miracle. Thanks.

Ada - Please pray for reconciliation of K and S.

Stacy - To keep job and enemies on my job leave me alone permanently.

Michelle - Please pray for my husband's job requirements to be met and his job application to Abu Dhabi airport will be successful.

Swapnil – Plzzzz God help me to keep my relationship with my girlfriend long lasting.  My girlfriend’s parents are forcing her for marriage. I really love her & don’t want to lose her. Plzzzzz Jesus do something for my relationship. I also wanna pray for my best friend Vinod, for his family & for him. 

Michael - End my debt and increase my income. Success in a legal matter. Healing for my wife, and our family. Thank You.

Swapnil -  Plz God I don’t want to lose my girlfriend. I really love her & I want to marry with her. Please don’t let her go from me.

Rachel - Pray to protect my job and protect me from demonic forces. Also to sell our property in FL. Thank you Blessed Mother for my job.

Barb - My daughter doesn't loose her job, and my son finds a job.

Debbie - Please pray for my husband Stan, that he will be cured and get relief from severe chronic back and heel pain. He is a very good person and it is so difficult to know he is suffering.  Thank you.

Anonymous - That I get to keep my job.

Carole - Healing of cancer for Bobby as he is talking about killing himself due to pain and loneliness.

Nona - Please include me and my family in prayers. Thank you.

Geri  - Please pray for confidence, security and stability in my job.

M - That the Moken and O'Neill families find strength while waiting for Michele to be called home to our Lord. May Michele have eternal peace and love. Amen.

Lisa - My husband of 23 yrs just told me he wants a divorce, he doesn't have those feelings for me anymore. I just can't believe it, my heart is broken and the pain is unbearable. I don't want a divorce, I still love him so much. Please help me pray that God will completely heal and restore our marriage.

Lana - The past comes back; let me be free from the wounds.

Rachel - Please pray for my intentions and protect me from bad intended people. That the good Lord protect me from gossip true of false. That I make thing right in Jesus name. Thank you.

Max – For my nephew Max that has leukemia.

Traci C - Please pray for our unborn baby. I am 8 months pregnant and our baby was given a grim diagnosis. Our baby's kidneys and lungs need to grow healthier and stronger. Our baby is very much wanted and loved. We need all the prayers we can get. Please pray for us! Thank you and God bless!

Kim - My own affordable housing for me and my son. A full time job in my major with benefits. My marriage restored. Total healing for my son. Protection for all my children.

Rachel - Pray for my protection and that everything turns out the way God wants. Prays for me Blessed Mother. In Jesus name. Thank you God, and everyone for their prayers.

Debbie - Answers and solutions to prayers for the good of all.  Thank you.

Mages - Please help pray for K. he has been paralyzed since his recent cancer ops and is in non responsive state. Please help pray that God has mercy on him and restores his health, mind, soul and body with his miracle. Please help pray for a miracle for him, he really needs your help God.

Nona - Please pray for me and my family to have good health and love life, safe travel and most especially good financial status. Thank you.

Debra - Lord, I am in need of intercession and favor on your behalf. Come to my assistance in this great need that I may receive favor for this job Supervisory Training Specialist, GS-1712-12 at 21st Theater Sustainment Command HHC, Command Group, Chief of Staff, G3 Current Operations in Kaiserslautern, Germany and I keep my pay and grade retained, I praise your holy name now and forever. Amen.

Urszula - Please pray that father allows children to go on vacation. For the happy ending of the court battle.  For the change of the supervising agency and a good agency to replace the current one.  O blessed Mother take this into your hands and bring the court battle to an end.  Protect Children and help me to be a good example to them.  I beg you for the grace of salvation of my enemies in this battle.

Andrea - I wish to get the disability I am trying for, and for my boyfriend to propose to me very soon.

Anonymous - I pray that God change my heart, and show me how to love everybody.

Ron - For Ron to be healed and saved from his unhealthy destructive reasoning and ways. That his family stop blaming  his friends and realize that Ron has problems. That Ron is open and willing to receive the help he needs, and can learn to let go of relationships that aren't good for him, or no longer serve a purpose.

Maria C. - Help me to pray that they don't accused me of getting the lost ring, because I did not get it.

Tom - Please pray for my health.

Lindsay - Please Lord give me the strength to pull myself together. To guide me in making the right decisions. To forgive others & please help my relationship become stronger with Alfredo C.

Josephine - That I may be reinstated after five years, I was suspended for four months, because my co-workers lied about me.

Taffany - Please pray that my unborn child is born healthy. I pray that my husband and I are blessed to keep our jobs and have peace on the job.

William - Save my husband's job & give him peace at work.

Esohe - I want God to help me in getting married to the man He has created for me, and I also want you to pray for a good job for me.

Chantay - I am asking for Prayer to keep my government job, had some obstacles but working them out need a Special Prayer to keep my job as of this week.

Myrtle - Please heal my 18 year old cat Pookie who has been diagnosed with mouth cancer.

Zanele N. - 5 month old son in hospital for meningitis, pls pray for him for a speedy recovery.

Mukund P. -  On site my body paralysis, please pray my body all-right please help me God.

Kimberly - I am not catholic but I need prayers.  Our company is downsizing and I could lose my job.  My husband's company shut down in December.  We will be able to pay the bills and eat barely if I was to get laid off.  I need prayers please...

Gary - To not loose his job.

Jose - Please pray for my dad Jose', that he may not be laid off from his job, my fathers job is in threat because my mom has health problems and has to be admitted to the e.r. from time to time while my dad has to request off and take care of her.  He has been warned and I pray that he will keep his job, please pray for my dad.  God Bless You All!

Ting - Please pray for me to have great love in my life, health and work abroad. Thank you.

K - For a job and protection, and a home of my own.

Kylie - Please pray for my husband kevin to come back home to me and his three kids. Please let God open his eyes,and draw him close to him, allow him to repent for his sins and come home to his family.

Caloy -For terminally ill.

Angela -  I need a prayer for my enemies Shawn and Terry to move out of the building.

Eva - Lord You are Good and Your Mercy endureth forever.  Thank You Lord Jesus for spiritual life for my son Eddie and his family.  Thanks and God Bless you all.

Claudia - Please pray for me, I need a financial blessing, I need salary increase at work, I need to buy a home because I have two kids. At least 40 % increase. Thank U in Advance!

DeFatima - Please pray for me not to be left inside of the dark about loosing my job. Pray for companion, and touch in the heart of the Human Resources to make a best decision about my job.

Maria -  Please pray for to help to have my job back.

Fatima - For to have forgiveness and have my job back.

Susan - Please pray for my Lola she is suffering a heart ache and polmonia.

Daniel - I pray overcome a problem I came upon at my job. Please help them decide to keep my job and oversee any misunderstandings.

Patsy - This is in Gods hands, hope and pray she will be home soon here or Heaven. Amen

Patric - Please pray that the Lord will remove the people living in the apartment above me, they disturb me, and are noisy. Thank you.

Awilda - To heal her from sickness.

Nadine - Conceiving please pray me and partner will be healthy for me to conceive in august of this year please bless me me with a healthy blessed baby.

Sathyapriya - Heal and cleanse Sathyapriya of all evil spirits and witchcraft.

Natasha - Pancreas Transplant: to Be Blessed with My transplant sooner then you know it, and it will be, and we will be called right away, and for everyone's Healing and Salvation.

R - I am now jobless. Help me in getting a better job. I am now worried, sad and depressed.

Grace - Please pray for me, I am in a bad financial situation, and am looking for a job, and please pray for my family, my son is out of control, it has been so stressful with him, please pray for him.

Victor - Dear sir/madam, I was diagnosed with Hepatitis B virus. Doctors said it is not curable but I believe with God nothing is impossible. Things which are impossible with men are possible with God. Jer 32:29, 30:17, Ezek 37:13.   I want the Lord to heal my wife and I completely and remove the virus from our systems. I believe so much in word of knowledge also and would like to know if God is instructing me to do anything, or whatsoever He says to you about me. Hope to hear from you soon. Thank you.

Clare - For Neil, suffering with severe mental health problems.

G. - Please  pray that Jesus will grant me a nice house + garden of my own. I have been praying for 15 years but somehow I am unable to buy anything within my budget. My parents and sister have been persecuting me for 45 years. Since I started praying to Jesus, the persecutions have only increased.I had to leave my house and live in rented accommodations. So much money has gone as rent. Please pray for me. Thank you.

G. M. - Please heal my husband.

Trevor - Health, wealth, strength and happiness.

R. - I lost my job. I am suffering, my whole family is worried, sad and depressed, we all are disgusted. Help us, God bless, please pray for us, lead me to a better job that is suitable for me. God bless you, please pray for us....

Maryann - Please pray for me to get job/career and accepted by the agency as I made application, no more rejections- pray for that. Pray asking Holy Spirit speak to agents and I get work and represented by them this time. Kind regards.

Eva - Lord You are Good and Your Mercy endureth forever.  Thank You Lord Jesus for delivering my son Eddie and his family from the hands of the enemy.  Thanks and God Bless you all.

Charlene - Today, I ask you Saint Padre Pio to heal my family members that have serious illness. I pray for my Grandma Mary to recover from kidney sickness. I pray for my Dad Phillip SR recover from his ear illness. I pray for my brother Ease recover from his cancer. I have devoted to God since he created me. I pray for all my 3 family members will be touched by Padre Pio Healing Hands. And I pray for my sister Geraldine will have financial blessings from you. Please answer my prayers I love you God. I love you Jesus and I love you Padre Pio. I need your help. Yes, I need Guardian Angels to intervene with our prayers too. Thank you.

Mary - For a close relationship with the Lord.

Natalie - Jesus I ask you to help me succeed in my studies, that I stay confident and remember retain all the information from FNR & questions etc courses of studies, Jesus to bless me, strengthen me with your wisdom, remove all worries, anxiety of taking this test, God to guide me when taking this Nclex Examination on September 7th,2011 Holy Spirit guiding me with my hands clicking with the mouse to pick the correct answers only guide me to success in my Nclex Rn Examination with my Nclex id 21940177 to pass successful with my NFAM RN listed in computer. In Jesus name I pray. Amen. 

Arian - God, I pray that you save our marriage. My husband, Jakub, left 4 weeks ago. I pray God gives my husband the strength to return to me and save our marriage. I pray God gives him the wisdom to not be guided by the negativity of his family and that he realizes that I have provided him with unconditional love and support. I pray his heart will remember the good moments in our relationship and that there are greater things ahead of us. I pray that his mind, body and spirit will guide him back to me. I truly love him with all my being and I believe he loves me. I believe in you Divine Master that you will give my husband all these things and bring him back home to me. I believe you will save our marriage. Thank you and God Bless.

Adele - Please pray for Victor to be blessed with a job.

Josephine - In the name of Jesus I pray that my husband Johnson who left me & the children comes back to us.

Nona - Please pray for me and my children intentions especially please pray for Wewe and Ray to have a job soon.

Lydia B. M. -  Roel C. C.

Nina - Dear God, I am 8 months pregnant and need your blessings, please let me deliver a healthy baby boy. This is my last chance at being pregnant, let me have a lovely son so that he and I can spend the rest of our lives in your service. Please God accept my request and grant me this blessing.

Ruby - Conversion of spouse, health and blessings on N, N, M, F, J, me and spouse, reunite family, husband say rosary, and me lose weight, and help with finances.

Trevor - Type 1 diabetes.

Sandra - Lose weight, I want to get married and money to pay my bills, there all behind.

Phyllis - Please pray for me. I have been charged with a felony and I may go to jail and lose my job. Please pray that God will allow me to keep my job and not go to jail. I pray for His forgiveness. Amen.

Lifeng -Please pray for Benyun W., 67 years old, he is ill now because of fracture of thoracic vertebra,doctor said this may be caused by focus of left lung. May God bless him, heal his disease, staunch pain of his body, make his health and mental status in good condition.

Ines - O Lord, Make my Daughters heart more compassionate and loving toward me. Take away this hatred she has for me.In Jesus Name I ask and give you thanks.

Melisa - God please return my relationship with Yunian.

Roberta - I need work. Consistency of work.

Roberta - Take away all my fears.

Fr. Patrick - Dear Friends in Christ, Greetings! May I humbly request you to please pray for my brother, Carlos, who until now, has remained unconscious four months after his brain operation due to aneurism. Please pray for his healing and recovery. Thank you so much, and please be assured that I will include your intentions in my Masses. God bless your community! In Mary's Heart, Fr. Patrick.

Ruby - Please pray so that I am able to overcome the problems me and my family are facing these days.

Satish S. -  Dear Brother/Sister, please pray for us to get favorable orders in Civil Case No's. CMAMP-1393/2011 & CMA-746/2011. Some persons trying  to grab our land through fake documents. So I must win this case. This is my life ambition Goal...I want to help many people and also establish one Old Age Home. Please....Please....Please....yours Sincerely, Satish S.

Dora - My cousin Dora is only 22 and needs a heart transplant, she just had a baby boy and I would like for her to live a long life and see him grow up. If you could pray for her to heal I would really appreciate it.

Dianna - Please pray that my daughter can overcome her shyness and insecurities and prosper in her career.

DMT - Please pray all of my children, all of my grandchildren, and my husband, are healthy and are healed of all their health problems.  Please pray for me also.  Thank you for your prayers.

Lynne - Please pray for the healing of Tommy and and I's wounded emotions and troubled relationship. Please pray that God will help us and bless us to be together in marital union. and Please pray for the success of Tommy's pre-surgery procedure on August 1 and also, please pray for the success of the surgery operation for him to remove the cancer on his lip on August 9. Please continue to pray for his miraculous healing to have a cancer free life.

Pamela -I need a breakthrough in my finances, my husband's job took half of his pay check, after he had told them that he wanted Sundays off for church. Told him it was ok, and then after he start taking off, about two months later they acted like he never told them or got the ok from them, so they take half of his check ever two weeks. I am believing God that all things are working for our good, please pray with me. God bless you.

Renee - Employment and housing.

Sony - Dear God, pls save our bengaluru factory from being sold-pls send some angel of yours to help us out-this I ask in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Amen.

Sony - Dear God, in the name of Jesus, pls take away all the production and quality problems from our ceramic factory-savannah and revive it. This factory is the bread and butter of so many people. Pls, pls let it not shut down. Pls bless this company so that it prospers and flourishes. Thank you.

Jo C. -  Steve C.

Janice - Help me do my job better.

Mary - That all goes well with the new car , and I never be late on a payment and insurance. To keep my job, to never be late, and that my Sierra, Rene, Selena, and Benjamin do well in school, and protect them and me, and that we are all will and be well in all aspects, and to have a place to live and to receive Section 8 so I can take better care of my children, and most of all to bring all closer to Jesus. Amen. 

Anonymous - For Sierra, that God guides her and that she changes her attitude and finds happiness, a good job, becomes more motivated, and educates herself to a better person, and find someone that's gonna treat her right and love her for who she is.

Debbie - Please pray for my husband to find a good & steady job. Thank you.

Napo - Please pray for my brother who is suffering from leukemia and more complications on his body. Thank you, and thank you God!!!!

Lorraine D. - I was baptised at this church 43 years ago. I so despirately need prayer for my very, very, sick friend Dee who is suffering with liver and kidney failure. She is a young mother (just 43 yrs old) with a small child and a loving husband who so desperately need her. We need a miracle!!!! Please!

John - I please request prayer for the long time deep and sincere love between Carmen A and John S that it will be stronger than ever before on this night at this hour,that she will remember her  real romantic love for me and that it,I,and we will be protected from any and all interference from interfering outside individuals,mind control institutions,personal errors and any and all evil spirits including the ones that have attacked this relationship in the past.Thank you, John.

Debbie- Today is the Feast of the Assumption. May my prayers be heard, In the Name of The Father, and of The Son and of The Holy Spirit, and His Most Blessed Mother, Mary. Thank you.

Carmela - please pray to have a good job permanently. God bless.

Debbie - Please pray for my cousin Rod and his family. (And all that have been  devastated by Hurricane Irene).
Their home is in ruins and there currently is no buyout option for them.  Thank you.

Dean - Heal Gina and my Dad and send prosperity to the family and universe.

Leah - Heavenly Father, through the intercession of all the angels and Saints in heaven as well as the Blessed Virgin Mary, I ask you to please bless my relationship with my honey Dexter P. Please remove all obstacles that hinders our happiness as a couple most especially third parties. Please make our relationship stronger and full of love towards each other. Help us to surpass all the trials of our relationship. Please help us restore the old glory of our relationship and make it better this time and lead it to a successful marriage.I ask this in the name of Jesus Christ your Son, who lives forever and ever. AMEN!

Leonila - Please pray for my Lola as she has been diagnosed with a brain tumor. May God heal her by the power of Lord Jesus. AMEN

Urszula - O Dear Mother help me and my children in this court battle.  Bring the truth out in the visits and court battle.  Bring it a happy and speedy ending.  Please, protect us, defend us, help us.  O Holy Mother come to our aid.  Thank you.

Michele - Please pray that I don't lose my job and my house.

Anonymous - Please pray for Howie M. that he be completely healed from his current health issues.

Joe - Cancer cure. Healings. Long life. Health. Past requests granted. Dental health. Heal lungs, Feet, Kidneys. Joe, Family.

Rose - Private request. grant past requests not received. healings, long life, no fear, stress, health, dental health, all needs met in all areas, no trouble, problems, accidents, etc.  j.d.t.,family.

Sophia - To keep my full job, please I need the prayer.

Gayle - Pray for Halina to rest in peace in God's Holy Light.

Joseph - Healings: Good breathing and Health, Good outcome,  Long life, Unanswered prayers, Best med. for cures, Cure cough, Feet ulcers, Lungs, All else, No fear, No stress, Cure for all disease.

Michelle - Pray Jesus Christ heals my hurting heart and my gastritis, the sickness in my stomach causing intestinal gas. Please tell God that psychiatry harmed me and I want away from them and to be treated better by my parents. Please pray God heals the sickness causing intestinal gas, and pray that God gets me away from psychiatrists and convince them they did wrong by giving me pills that caused overdoses.

Sony - Pls pls pray that our good Lord protects my house from being sold. Pls pray that our Lord blesses us financially and in abundance, so that I dont have to give up my current house and be homeless again. Thank you. Praise the Lord. Dear Lord, in the name of Jesus keep my husband Vinod safe from all legal problems and arrest, and pls bless him with plenty of business work, finances, happiness and prosperity in abundance. Pls pls pray for Vinod's protection.Thank you.

Jane - My daughter was offered a job in New Mexico, pray that if this is the right move that things will fall into place for her. As a mother I do not want her so far away and by herself, but if it is God's will then I know she will be fine.

Kitungano - I need to get out of debts today through your anointed prayers. I can not sleep because of debts and I feel so scared in all my life. IN GOD I TRUST. I know that GOD is still able to get me out of debts and set me free. Pray for me.

Cathy - Pray that Briannes body scan will reveal that she is cancer free.

Angel Forever - Please pray for me because people are accusing me of being  prejudice.  Give me strength to understand and not judge the people that think I am.  Help this to blow over and help me to keep my position.

Tyasia S. - Unblock the blockage, someone as put black magic upon me, please remove it from my body and life.

Debbie - Please pray that my husband will end this divorce and come back to our Lord and his family.  Pray that he would leave the other woman and his sinful ways.  Please pray that he will hear the Holy Spirit calling him back to God.  In Jesus' most precious blood I humbly ask.

G - It's unfair to ask you to help me. Your plan is your plan, after all. Who am I to beg your attention when so many do. Thank you for letting me live 17 years.

Isobel - Please pray for courage in a difficult time and guidance.

Kenneth - Please pray that God helps me find a job soon. Thank you.

Naomi - To protect me from evil spirits.

Michele - Please pray for Lisa, a very dear friend of mine who recently had her thyroid removed and several large nodules. After having the surgery, she had bleeding in her neck and had to go back into surgery to stop the bleeding. Then was in ICU with a trachea. After being in the hospital for 2-1/2 weeks, the trachea was finally removed. She is home now but will have to undergo radiation treatments as the outside of the thyroid was found to be stage 3 cancer. Please dear God and Blessed Virgin Mary pray for her to be restored to complete health.

Ashley - That the correct job opportunity will be offered to Jorge. That my sister's husband will not lose his job and their baby will be healthy. That my father will also receive the proper job opportunity. That I may find a job in the field where I am happy. Keep all of our heads up and looking forward and trust in the Lord.

Vikram - Pastor, please pray for Nora G.'s health and her sugar problem in her body. She is suffering from sugar and ulcer in her mouth, please pray for her urgently. Also pray for Vikram G.'s mental health problem, he is suffering from fear of people and fear of thoughts, always hunts his mind and he could not sleep in peace and always having headaches and fear in mind and suffering from pain in nervous system .Pray for his wife Michelle for child.

Riza - Please we need your prayers!!!!  My almost 9 month old Grandson Eric James has been diagnosed with a brain tumor. Please pray it’s benign and responsive to treatment.

Herleen - Keep me safe. And. Protection. From my enemies on my job. And. Help me do a good job.

Erin Elizabeth - My Methodist University in Los Angeles has been taken over by the Luciferian Global Elite Cabal. I'm aware of my divinely directed role in exposing this situation and request that you ask our Heavenly Father to bring forward the particular individuals of whom I feel Ive been directed to discuss this issue with. Given the fact that these particular individuals have a belief system similar to the "teachers of the law" discussed in the New Testament, I also request that you pray that they are able to see truth and step away from the darkness and into the light. I'm really tired and stuck. Thank you dearly and God bless!

Debra - In need of financial assistance asap for rent, carnote, and car insurance.

Anonymous -Please pray for my 25-year-old nephew who has been unemployed since Feb. 1st, 2012.

Bill and Carol -Updated Prayer Request! May 8,2012. Slow Recovery from the Death of Our Only Son, Other Losses & Deaths, Severe Financial Hardship, Health Issues & Other Sorrows…Dear  Community of Prayer, Thank you for standing with us in daily prayer for God’s Healing,Protecting Peace & Hope under painful and sorrowful circumstances! Progress is very slow! Never the less, We continue to stay at our Post in Hope! Please continue to pray(2012)with us daily for as long as possible?2012,2013..?? God’s Healing,Protecting Peace & Hope! Feel free to pass or e-mail our urgent prayer request on to other Communities(Women&Men)of Prayer that you know of in the World? Thank you! Bill and Carol. oh.usa ps.We will keep you in our daily prayers!

Lillian - To our Lady of Mount Carmel. Please hear my unselfish need for assistance with urgent needs.

Kay - Please pray for my daughter Shawn, she has had surgery and her cancerous thyroid has been removed. After 131 radiation and a body scan, there are still pieces of cancerous thyroid in her body. Next week she goes back in the hospital for more radiation and body scan. I pray to Our Lady of Mt. Carmel to watch over my daughter and to heal her from this horrible disease.

JJ - Please pray for me on Friday, May 25, 2012 as i will be facing the greatest challenge of my life . Please protect me from these people who might say things against me, my family and to my late father who just died last May 7. Please protect me my  thoughts, my actions and patience. Guide me to the right decision and pls protect me from hearing hurting words from them. This I pray in Jesus  Name, Amen.

keijo - Pray for my the fight against false doctrine here who will not confess Jesus blood in salvation, thanks for helping to win, bless, keijo S.

Rose - Lord, help me and my husband find full time jobs, and a safe home to live in, and bless it Lord, always.

Clement and  Francisca -   We have been trying for a baby boy since 9 years now, and it has not happened. Please pray that God may grant us a miracle baby boy.

Francisca – My job is under threat from my managers and others who conspire with them. Please pray that God may turn their conspiracy into foolishness, and establish me.

GM - Please pray for 1. Inner Healing of myself, my wife and Children. 2. Inner Healing of my Sister's Family & Sisters fly.
3. Filled by Holy Spirit & be protected by Jesus' Precious Blood. 4. Freedom from Bondages, Sins, Curses, Physical Healing and Family Tree Healing. 5. For our deceased Family Members, & Mainly Anger, Hatred, Cannot Study & appear for exams, Fear, Anxiety, Not Confident, Lazy & always we are being illtreated by our Neighbors and they are always encroaching into our Properties .. Thank U.

Lanie - Plz pray for me in my financial problem that I can find ways to pay for it.

Patsy - Remove the evil that has been place on me, and let my enemies forget about me.

Frances - My brother has a spinal cord injury. Please pray that he is healed and has a complete recovery. He is also in need of a wheel chair and physical and occupational therapy.  Pleas pray that the Lord provides a way for him to receive these services.

Xavier - Please pray to Jesus and Mother Mary to heal me completely and permanently of ulcerative colitis (chronic stomach disorder) and restore me back to health and to obtain for me the grace never to experience a relapse or flare-up of ulcerative colitis again.

Anonymous - Please pray for my 9 yr. old Granddaughter, she has a lot of anxieties and may be in bad hands.

Frankie - Dear God, I need your blessing for a financial breakthrough now! Because, I want to relocate to be closer to my family, (by year end). Lord, I am also asking for healing to my physical body.  And, for spiritual guidance in my life. God, I thank you in advance for all my needs. Frankie.

Farrah B. -  Please pray for me for my director in my job that is given me trouble also others that are jealous of me in my work place also in the police department where I work at night. Pray for me to be safe and also for them to be nice and kind to me in every way, and please pray also for my little son that was in a car accident when was 3 years old.  Pls pray for us.

Oscar - Please pray for me that our Lady Mt. Carmel can give me strength, guidance and wisdom during this difficult trial that I am facing. My wife and I been separated for 4 months. My wife states she doesn't love me anymore and her feelings have change. We been married for 9 years and have two beautiful boys, 4 and 7 year old. However, I have high faith and hope that in the name of Jesus Christ and the Lord. That my wife and I will once again reunite and have love, harmony, trust and be a happy family again. Thank you all and God bless.

Theresa - Pray for daughter Mary that she get help for depression and be healed emotionally.

Ziyanda - I request to have a healthy baby today' and a successful delivery.

Marsha - Remove the evil force that is impeding me from going forward in life.

Florie - We need home. Plse pray so that we can find affordable home. Currently we are renting.  Plse we need this urgently. Thank you, God bless you. Amen.

CLC - For a new job.

Anonymous - In financial difficulties, help us Mother Mary.

Sara - Pls pray for my friends mother who has cancer in her stomach.

Sara - I'm in love with one guy now is away frm me. I want him back without him I cant live, I' m now mad. O Mother Mary pls help me to concentrate on my work and do things and give him back as earlier as possible.

Sweety - Mother Mary help us in our financial problems, help us to clear our debts.

Aji - Please pray for my husband to get a good job in Bahrain.

Theresa -  Please pray that my husband gets a good paying  job with good health benefits.

Sudharsan -  Mother Mary Bliss Sri with Angels we are are  Marrying on 16th of October 2012.

Renee - Pray that I will not lose my job. Whatever trouble I am facing let it disappear in Jesus' name. My enemies who were my friends want me down.I lost everything, even my house.

Jennifer - Prayer for my friend Ana who is suffering with cancer.  Pray for me to get a job, for my son to be accepted in college that he would like to go to in West Virginia.

Jennifer - Remove my enemy from my husband's  life.

Selwyn - Strength to pull me through a disciplinary hearing.

Paula - Please pray for me that God will grant me favor and mercy and soften the hearts of the judge and prosecutor in my case, and that God will show himself strong on my behalf and fight this battle for me because I have been charged with some serious charges. Please pray for me that God will intervene.

Rita - Thank you to all who have prayed for me.  Pleas continue to pray for improvement of my bladder condition and emotional problems in Jesus name. Amen.

Jeanne - I am being audited by the IRS, I need a prayer.

Gregoria - My boss is very hard to work with. I'm always on pins and needles...I need prayers to give me strength to deal with her and protect my job.

Lori - Creative ideas insights and favor for finding a job unemployment gets approved another tier and quit smoking.

Jacob - Please help me, I have an unwanted spirit, I dont know how many. When its around it messes with my fan and my things in my room. I have prayed so many times, but yet I still have no luck! I know that it is a troubled spirit, I've turned to my whits end, I am very scared, but I know that in the bible it says that I have authority over unwanted spirits. I urgently need guidance and prayers, please, please, please help. Thank you, and may God bless you with all his might for fufilling my prayer and request,  I appreciate this so much, thank you.

Rachel - Please pray the Lord sends my husband home today with love in his heart and soul. Thank you, God Bless...

Rosann - Please pray for me to get a job.

Bernadette - For daughter's return to her Faith; for healing of her difficult nature and bad temper; for healing of our aggressive natures; for healing of depression and anxiety; for favourable end to our long-standing problem; for peace and happiness in our homes; for healing of cancer for Nicole and myself and good health for the family; for the means to enable us to move homes near to Catholic School. Thank you for your prayers.

Catherine M. - Dear Brother/Sister, I am looking for a job in Administrative position. Please pray for my intention. Kind Regards, Catherine M.

Sandra - Please pray that it is God's will that I be granted a loan to pay my car note.  I start a new job on Monday and need it to get to work. Please pray for financial restoration and restoration of peace, joy and harmony in my life. Please pray that God will continue to guide and keep me.  I need and want to get back to serving God as I should. Please pray that God will break all assignments of the enemy against my life, my finances, my peace and joy.

Kelvin D. - Please Holy Mother, I place all my worries & hardships in your hands. I ask God to please bless me financially. I ask God to get me a job. Please intercede on my behalf for me to have a financial blessing.

Feenie - (5 requests) Please pray for...1. Leo F.,who has nonoperative cancer, that he excepts treatment and lives many, many years.... 2. and also for Julie O., who is literately starving due to lack of money and depression, that God heal her quickly of depression, that she gains weight, and is given a good job, and she don't lose her house...3.  for my Cousin Cynthia's son, that he don't have MS and is healed of whatever it is....4. for Anne, a very religious young woman, she's burned out and it's effecting her spiritually..5.and that God grant my brother and my nieces and nephews sobriety and keep them safe, as well as all my family. Thank you, and know that I'm praying for all your intentions as well.

Sandra - That my daughter's husband remains committed to her and their son and commits himself to stay married.

Vara - Lord thank you for watching over us. Please continue to let your spirit go before us and my son and straighten crooked ways Lord! Protect us 24/7. For Your wisdom and guidance to lead us. Please bind any principalities or human vessels, witchcraft, curses, spells or any other evil powers from the devil activated against us. Please bless my son in his efforts with future plans. Please bless him with a partner to share life with soon.

Juliet - Please pray for the restoration of my marriage..my husband Dan to bring back his lost love and for my family..a good job career for my husband and me, financial blessings..for my children guidance and protection..emotional healing for Pinky,Melinda ,Me, Danny,Nory and Imelda..for our application of visa approval..for the sacrament of matrimony may be granted..thank you.

Heather - I am addicted to meth. I can't stop. Please pray for me.

Raghad - Maintain the good catholic relation with her boy friend,the only one she feels relaxed and happy with him,excellent, decent ,polite girl,heal my sister with cancer, take care of father meathew,save, my son,and other daughters living abroad " in Jesus name.amen.

Waltraud - I ask your prayer for my family and me. In this time we have a few problems: For a short time I have started a new job. I must become acquainted with many new things. The beginning was frustrating.I was nearly to resign. Next week, 17 october, my husband has an operation (suspicion skin caner). At 20 october our foster child - we know Yasmine for 4 years, now she is 5 years old - is going definitely to her mother (and father?).On the one hand we are relieved, because sometimes the responsibility was to much. Otherwise we are worried. Yasmine moves to an other country in a new city, new kindergarten,...There will be many changes for her. My mother (80 years) has the diagnostics Alzheimer. Till now my sister and my brothers, we all together,  take care of her. It's not easy because we all go to work. The condition of my mother change for the worse. Because my English is not good, I ask your prayer for all the intentions, people that are near to my  heart. I don't describe more detailed. I have confidence in the prayer. Thank you!

Shamara - I need financial assistance to complete my education. I have 12 subjects and its really hard to make everything end here.

Rinku - Please pray that my heart's desire be granted, the return of the love of my life, my one true love. I pray that my Osayi may have healed his wounds from the past and forgiven all that has gone wrong. Lord, help my Osayi be able to follow his heart to his desire and love for me and permanently return to me to be forever reconciled as one. Thank you.

Teresita - Praying for the safety operation of my grandmother,this day at 9am. Thank you so much!

AIRY  G. - †Lord, I believe in you: Please hear the intentions that I hold in my heart. Grant this through Christ our Lord. Amen.†

Francisca MB - Lord, I come to You in the name of Jesus & release me into Your hands for your protection, guidance & counsel. You alone knows what is best for me, may Your perfect will be done to give me good health and job, blessed my cheating husband,  blessed my abroad applications, dismissed  from travel ban and court cases,  financial blessings to repay my debts and loans.  Heavenly Father, most gracious and loving God, I pray to you that you abundantly bless my family, myself and our business.  I know that you recognize, that a family is more than just a mother, father, sister, brother, husband and wife, but all who believe and trust in you. GOD, I send up a prayer request for job and financial blessing not only for myself but also for my jobless sister diligently seeking a job.  And that the power of joined prayer by those who believe and trust in you is more powerful than anything. I thank you in advance for your blessings. God, deliver the person reading this right now from debt and debt burdens. Release your Godly wisdom that I may be a good steward over all that you have given me, GOD, for I know how wonderful and mighty you are and how, if we just obey you and walk in your word and have the faith of a mustard seed, that you will pour out blessings. I thank you now Lord for the recent blessings I have received and for the blessings yet to come, because I know you are not done with me yet. In Jesus’ name I ask. Amen

Larita - Please pray for the peace to prevail between my family and my in-laws. Jesus and Mother Mary heal my parents and keep them safe from all evils.  Help us to come close to each others. I lift up to you Jesus amen.

David - Job for good money, peace, financial position and a wife.

Subbalakshmi - Please save my mother from death.

R.Gajendran - My Health & Wealth improvement.

Feenie - Please pray for Anthony, that God heal him of depression and a broken heart, and that he
don't do any harm to his self or lose his sobriety.

Ontlametse - I need a prayer for promotion and protection from an evil eye.

Lebo -  Facing a disciplinary hearing at work for late coming. I pray that I don't get fired and that I can keep my job.I need to keep my job, please help me.

Johnita - Dear Powerful Prayer Warriors: Greetings! My name is Johnita R. of Boston, Ma. I love the Lord Jesus with all my heart but the devil is attacking me. My life and well being are in actual danger. I am homeless due to domestic violence in the midwest. I have all kinds of unjust jealousy, black magic and voodoo against me. I became friends with a woman named Denise C. She was evil and mocked God, and made fun of me. She was envious and afflicted harm. I broke up the friendship a week ago, and the dark soul is stalking me, and won't leave me alone. She does it clever, where I cannnot go to the police. There are many very seriously disturbed, demonic and mentally ill dark souls around me. Another lady has been approaching me. The spirit of God is revealing that they are either gay or bi sexual. Please Lord Jesus remove these many dark souls and their sorcery from me.I am usually very healthy and have been running a high fever, and have diarrhea for no reason. I eat healthy foods and usually jummpromp everyday, and now I have been debilitated. I can't seem to win a bed at the shelter, and end up sleeping outside or on chairs or the flow. I love the Lord Jesus and do not deserve this. Please, pray for Archangel Michael and a host of other angels to protect me. Please remove this dark evil that is on me and around me. Please remove my ex Peter, Denise and this strange woman that approaches me. The time for spiritual warfare is now. I need a financial miracle, because I have no income. I went on a job interview and was insulted like Archie Bunker does to people. I cried for 2 days. My life and well being are in danger. O Lord, please hear this urgent plea and send ministering angels, health, finances and restoraion to me. There is no lack of this in Heaven. Amen.

Aaron -  I have recently been diagnosed with non-small cell lung cancer in both lungs. Doctors say surgery is not an option for me so I am starting chemotherapy. My prayer request is for improvement in my condition to allow me to live at least a few more years. Thank you.

Lorena - I will like to pray for my husband, he is a good husband but he drinks alot of vodka and he makes the whole family misserible and I wish he could keep a job. Please pray for him.

Rebecca -  The coming of Jesus.

Rita - 1. I request you to pray for the selling of my parent's property that is located in Bombay Thane district,Wada as soon as possible, and to get the required amount of Rs20,0000lakh, as my parents are facing financial crisis.Thankyou. 2. For my Cousin Sister Cheryl who has certain physical defects since birth, for dissapearing of her physical defect. Thankyou. 3. For me, Miss Valene Rita M. to get a permanent job as an English and History teacher AS I AM UNEMPLOYED.Thankyou. 4.For complete healing of  my brother Virgilio M. who is suffering from redness and infection in his eyes for the past one year.Thankyou. 5. For my Uncle Mr.Gabriel C. who is suffering from glucoma. Please pray for complete healing. Thank you. 6. For my Mom Mrs.Maria Conceicao M. who is suffering from acute rehumatism arthritis for the past 12 years in which both her legs and one hand is worst affected.Please pray for her complete healing.Thankyou. 7.  And for my Aunt Mrs B,fds aughter-in-law i.e Mrs T,fds I.E , for total change in the behaviour of the daughter-in law, i.e is to become more loving and caring in action and in deeds and also to become a humanbeing who will understand the feelings of others and care for the needs of people around her.Thankyou.

Maria- Petition- My son job, health, stress, fears, problems what he is facing I am a widow going through a lot of problems such as stress, finance, health,worries. My friend Samera n her family growing through a lot of stress. Ths n keep us n my family  n the whole world in prayers at all times.

Olga - That God answer my prayers.

Matha -Please lift my family to the Lord. 1. We have a piece of land upcountry and there is an African Brotherhood Church neighbouring us.  The other day, one of the Church elders threatened to shoot my brother with a gun.  He is a senior officer in the Police force.  Please pray for us as the Court Case is today 31st October, 2012.  We are nine in the family. That God will intervene on our behalf in Jesus name. 2. My daughter Veronica who is in High School transferred to her new school the other day.  Now, one of the girls died at school and since then, she has become very scared and has been falling sick. That the Lord will intervene on her behalf and provide protection for all the other students, teachers, and parents and workers in the School.  That nothing that the devil has purposed to do at school will prosper and his plans will be quashed in the name of Jesus Christ. 3. All my siblings marriages are not working and their spouses have refused to solemnize their marriages in Church and even now, there is one sister in law who is quite difficult.  She earns more than her husband and is more learned and comes home very late at 10.00p.m. saying she is from class and she is very abusive.  She has been abusing her husband and calling him good for nothing.  She says that without her, my brother would be nothing. The other day she ran away from home and left for a week.  She has a tendency of being with the crowd such that whatever happens in her home, she very quickly calls her parents, her brother, her friends and complains that she is married to a good for nothing man.  I pray that God will touch sharon and Pato since their marriage has become a source of embarrassment to them.  She hates her husband's brothers and sisters with a passion but we are one family which is very supportive and have really been supporting them.  It is very painful to hear that from her. 4. That God will intervene on behalf of all our family members in Jesus name since most of my extended relatives practice witchcraft in a very big way.
5.Two of my brothers have been diagnosed to be schzophrenic.  That God will intervene for us in Jesus name. God bless you so much.

D - To have my grand baby returned to my daughter and my family reunited.

LK - Dear Lord bless my son to receive a transfer order today by your power & grace. Thanks.Mom

Dierdre -  Jesus , you said "Ask and you shall receive, seek and you shall find, knock and you shall be opened to through the intercession of Mary , your holy mother , I knock, I seek, I ask that my prayer be granted  I commit myself and need for the job with the MONUSCO Entebbe base as the Stores Clerk in to your most precious and loving hands bless the work of my hands Lord fulfill the desires of my heart, help me to receive into my life all the resources that I need mentally, physically, spiritually and financially so that I may be free from fear of lack and limitation and that all my needs are always met! Jesus, you said, "heaven and earth shall pass away, but my word shall not pass." through the intercession of Mary, your Holy Mother, I feel confident that my prayer will be granted and that I shall get the job of the stores clerk at the MONUSCO Entebbe base and Lord has blessed the work of my hands Lord fulfilled the desires of my Heart! Helped me to receive into my life all the resources that I need mentally, physically, spiritually and financially so that I may be free from fear of lack and limitation and that all my needs are always met! I prostrate myself before thy holy image , O most Gracious Infant Jesus, to offer my most fervent thanks for the blessings thou hast bestowed upon me, I shall incessantly praise thine ineffable mercy and confess that thou alone art my God, my helper and my protector. Henceforth my entire confidence shall be placed in thee! Everywhere, I shall proclaim aloud thy mercy and generosity, so that thy great love and the great deeds which thou dost perform through this miraculous image may be acknowledged by all. May devotion to thy Holy Infancy increase more and more in the hearts of all Christians, and may all who experience thine assistance persevere with me in showing unceasing gratitude to thy most Holy Infancy, to which be praise and glory forever Amen Thank you , Infant Baby Jesus of Prague and the Sacred Heart of Jesus for granting my request. I will always be dedicated to you Dear Jesus and have faith that you will always be by my side. Your faithful servant Dierdre Ivon K..

Debbie - I need a financial miracle to pay off $135,000.00 student loans, $59,000.00 mortgage, $15,000 car payment and 3,900.00 KCLIFE bill so I can feel free and move on in Jesus Name. Also, keep my day shift so I can continue teaching my GED classes at night, thank you in advance in Jesus' Name, I pray, AMEN!

Sangeeta - Please heal my husband and grant him long life.Heal his leg and make him walk around with ease and confidence. Heal his aneurism and may it never bleed again. Heal our family problems and allow us to live together. Protect each and every part of my husbands body especially brain, liver and kidney. Bless my family. Bless our child and keep her safe from all perils.Grant me good health so that I may take care of my husband and my child. Grant us all long and healthy life filled with love and affection.Grant us long and happy married life.Grant long and healthy life to my daughter and our families. Keep my daughter safe. Be with us always. Be our strength and armour.

Richard - O Lord I have been in financial problems for many many years now. Since the time I am still working and now I am retired already, I am still in this position. I hope you can help me Lord so that I am free from my financial problems once and for all. Thank you Lord.

Payal - Pls help me and intercede on my behalf. I need urgent prayers. Pls I request you. I dont want to loose my bf just because of different caste, we both love each other alot from past 5 years ..pls help in convincing our parents .Pls bless payal with harminder singh k. only. Pls reunite us. Don't allow his parents to do his engagement with some other girl forcefully ..plss help us .Plss show 1 miracle ..pls I beg u. Amen.

Seth - Pls pray for restoration in my past relationships and for better future relationships and for God's protection from my enemies and to heal me and protect from all wickedness me and my family. Thank you.

Francisca - Lord, I come to You in the name of Jesus & release me into Your hands for your protection, guidance & counsel. You alone knows what is best for me, may Your perfect will be done to give my family good health and job, blessed my cheating husband,  blessed  my abroad applications, dismissed/lift travel ban and court cases,  financial blessings to repay my debts and loans.  Heavenly Father, most gracious and loving God, I pray to you that you abundantly bless my family, myself and our business.  I know that you recognize, that a family is more than just a mother, father, sister, brother, husband and wife, but all who believe and trust in you. GOD, I send up a prayer request for good job and financial blessing not only for myself but also for my jobless sister diligently seeking a job.  And that the power of joined prayer by those who believe and trust in you is more powerful than anything. I thank you in advance for your blessings. God, deliver the person reading this right now from debt and debt burdens. Release your Godly wisdom that I may be a good steward over all that you have given me, GOD, for I know how wonderful and mighty you are and how, if we just obey you and walk in your word and have the faith of a mustard seed, that you will pour out blessings. I thank you now Lord for the recent blessings I have received and for the blessings yet to come, because I know you are not done with me yet. In Jesus’ name I ask. Amen.

Sophia -  I am in debts and I want a job with value, a job with benefits. I am working but I'm always broke. I don't even know what I have done with my salary.

Walter Joseph G. - Please pray so that my pets scan will be free from cancer and illness. Pray that my chemotherapy will end by December. Please pray so that my stomach will be stitched back by early January. Please pray for speedy recovery. Thanks.

Timea - Please pray theat GoDd blesses me and my family in spiritual as well as in material ways. Thank you!

Peggy - Restoration of marriage. My husband abandoned me. I'm disabled, isolated, and becoming ill. I need him back. I beg everyone to pray God sotens his heart, and his family stops destroying us. He has much pride and thinks this is ok. Please help. This has become urgent!!!

Maria - My son's health, stress, fears,tension, job,worries, not been paid for very long times. I'm a widow going to a lot of stress ,difficulties, loneliness, finances, health going day to day basics. Thanks, and keep us in, n our brothers n sisters,  n whole world, in prayers at all times.

Valene - I request you to pray for my mother i.e Mrs. Maria Conceicao  M. who is suffering from rehumatism arthiris for the past 12 years and it has affected her two legs, joints, and one hand the most. Please pray for her complete recovery and healing of her physically damaged body parts.Thank you.

Simone - Please pray God will lead us and guide us into all prayer.

Eero - We have Christmas celebration for inner-city people. It is 12.17.2012. We ask that you pray that God saves, heals and renews a lot of people and that all go well.

Mercy - I want God to set Mercy O. free from the bondage and captive, from deportation camp so that Ishall have my freedom back.

E. - Please pray for a huge turnout at the Holy Hour For Priests! We NEED the Church packed!! We need tons of prayers for our dear Priests!!!!!!!!!

Michael - I pray that my girlfriend who is suffering from desertion of her soul. That she may find her way back to my heart.

Jana - That my wife and mother of my son, have good news today at her mammogram appointment.

Solome - I want Steve J. from Sweden to take as my boyfriend and to marry me, but he is quiet, we nolonger talk. He had promised to take me. I am from Uganda.

Elizabeth - Need continual regular prayer against a persistent, angry, vengeful, narrcisitic person, who has been attacking me day and night for months in various forms, including same kind of psychic attacks. I need quick deliverance and protection from this situation that escalates with each passing day.

Abi - My boyfriend and I have been apart for almost a year now. We haven't been talking nor seeing each other for a really long time. I miss him so much. I am scared that we will not be able to find each other again. Please pray that God may shower both of us with His love and mercy in these trying times. I really hope that he and I will see each other and spend time together really soon. I am begging God's divine intervention to help us be stronger and have more patience. All that we have is our undying faith in God, so he and I can get back together soon. May the Father hear and grant us our prayers. Only God can make anything possible. Amen.

Monica and Christian - To regain custody her child (8 yrs, 6 mo) by biological mother.

Remi - I have lost health, property and career due to family pressure who gave wrong advice in my personal life. Help me get back my lost things, and health and tranquility.

David - Please pray for me in a very special way that I currently facing a broken relationship with my best friend by the name of Seth Tan Chee K. Please do pray that God in His divine love grant me and Seth healing so that we will built a good relationship and friendship again. My heart is in pain due to this broken relationship.

Alice - Dear Mother please pray for my health. I have got a small lump on my breast and my left leg behind the knee is paining very badly. I am worried and disturbed.

Simone - Please pray God will be loved.

Susan - Please help prayer for My family & I struggled hard with Hurricane Sandy we are from the Oakwood Beach section on Staten Island, NY. We are currently living at my brother's condo in NJ. My sister is still living in Staten Island, but at a friends house, with her hubby and 2 kids (20y/o & 17y/o) and their 4 animals. Our house is going on through with reconstruction right now. We lost at lot of memories with the flood in our basement, our first floor was hit with the flood also with approx 4-4.5 feet. inside of the house and my sisters (we have a mother & daughter house) so some of the memories from the first floor were lost also. We didn't leave as we were supposed to do.We both do have a 2nd floor. So please prayer for us with the struggle that we have to buy new furniture, and money isn't so great. God let us get through this, let us get enough money from our house insurance & FEMA too, and to be comfortable with living financially again. Thank You God that we are alright. God also watch over my parents as they (Mom 80, & Dad 79) I don't want anything to happen to them as they are both my Life, my Backbone & also my Heroes. Give me patience to get through this. As I do get a little off edge. I Love my Parents until the end of the earth. I'm nervous God about going back to live in that house again. But I know we have you with us at all times.

Rodolfo - Vindicate me in court 174; cause no:1321081 before this year ends.

Ralph - Please pray all those people out there who need help ! and for me my Anxiety and fear of the unknown that is all consuming,please! I'm getting so weak from fighting the despair that is mostly exaggerated in my mind !! also actually brought on by past actions . Please Pray for peaceful thoughts and help remove or deal with the anxiety and worries!

Antony - Dearest brother, greetings to you in the name of Jesus Christ. Do please pray for me because of my unwanted thoughts and sinful habits that makes me to be far from Jesus Christ.. I need to be close with my Lord in his presence i want to live.. My Lord should forgive all my sins and same wise should get the forgiveness from those whom all I insulted as bringing them back into my life especially Lavanya whom I insulted more than anyone so just forgiveness and restoration do please pray for me brother. I want my Lord to take care of my work and i want my Lord to protect me from every danger and trouble. Do please pray that i should be God's Child and be far away from Devil's and demons... Pray for me brother,, Let a miracle work on my life brother.. Thank you Jesus, Love you Jesus. Praise you Jesus.

Philistine - I just got a good position with a good company. I request a prayer to help me keep my mouth shut and not have my loose lips sink ships. As of recent I had a problem with it and this is my big break and I don't want to chance please pray for me so I can find the ability to be humble again just like I was before but in a different predicament.

Maria - My Petitions,  I Widow asking for urgent prayers for me n my son, the difficulties such as problems, worries,, stress, fears, pressure,tension, finances, greaves, job. Samera n Tony, prayers needed for problems they r facing. Pls keep my brothers n sisters n the whole world  in prayers at all times. Tks n God bless.

Karina - Mental health.

Brenda - That my family have a home.

Julie - So my family has a home.

Diana - Healing for my daughter's addiction and relief of financial burdens.

Johnita - Dear Powerful Prayer Intercessors: Greetings! My name is Johnita R. of Boston, Massachusetts. I am being bothered by demonic and envious people using witchcraft and black arts on me. Due to some domestic violence, I am homeless and have been suffering more than I should. I have great health and am suddenly sick. Usually, I do rigorous exercise and jump rope daily. Today, I could not. My wallet with all of my identity has been missing this morning. I made a police report. I had this wallet for about a year and a half. The wallet was found later, but at the police station a innocent working girl was attacked on the way to work. I ask you, in Christ Jesus' name, to remove the hatred, jealousy, and evil spirits that are on me. I have been feeling for the last 3 or 4 days, sharp needle pains in my toes, foot and fingers. My 50th birthday is in 3 days and I love the Lord Jesus. Please pray for Archangel Michael to surround me, and for this evil to dissipate fast. Thank you, and God Bless you! Amen.

Hanah - Pls pray that im delivered of the effects of witchcraft. AMEN.

Monthy - Please pray for my daughter Leanne who is 5 months pregnant that she may have a healthy baby.

Jeanne - For a new Job.

Mary - "Please,Please", pray for husband so that he may be completely healed of mind and body, and he may find a full time job to support our family. Thank You and may God's blessing bless you always.

Adrian - Dear Lord, I came to you again to seek for your mercy and help, that the tumor on my left hand be free of infections and be completely healed, that I can withstand this test and that I may have the capacity to undergo another operation financially, spiritually and physically. All of these I ask through the BVM and Your Son Jesus Christ, Amen. +AMDG Alfred

Alfred - Please Pray for Michael who is hospitalized because of a severe reaction to a flu shot.